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12 Patriotic Promotional Items from Pens to Pom Poms

The Fourth of July brings with it a lot of fun for everyone–and that makes it a great time to promote your company, cause, or campaign.

Maybe you’re passionate about patriotism and want your company’s name in on the action. Maybe you’re running for office and want to leave something in every hand you shake. Maybe your company manufactures in the USA and you want to scream it from the rooftops! Maybe you love a good holiday and this one rocks them all.

Whatever your motivation, it’s a great idea to promote on Independence Day, when the good vibes are flowing. The research isn’t surprising to anyone who’s paid $10 for deep fried, bacon-wrapped butter at the county fair or filled a suitcase full of trinkets on vacation: If we’re in a good mood we’re more open-minded, less critical, and more likely to seek new experiences—like, for instance, your product or service.

The positive feelings around Independence Day extend to positive feelings about your brand—that is, if your name’s in the game. So throw your promotional hat in the Independence Day ring with some personalized patriotic gifts this Fourth of July.

Following are 12 Independence Day promotional marketing ideas, handpicked by us. Some are more business-minded, while others focus on parades and picnics. From customized American flag pens to Fourth of July sunglasses with your logo on the arm—your recipients will associate your brand with patriotic spirit and Independence Day fun. Customize the product that suits your style!

These Business-minded Giveaways Encourage Patriotic Vibes—and Your Brand—All Year Long

  • Political Emery Board – Full Color: Anyone break a nail during the action-packed parade, beach bonfire, or fireworks display? No problem, thanks to this customized nail file!
  • Turbo Mini Fan / Flashlight: Celebrating outside? Whether your customers are in the stands, by the pool, or at the barbeque, this turbo mini fan and flashlight will ensure that your brand is in their hands. Get it in your choice of blue or white.

These Fun-filled Fourth of July Giveaways Promote Parades, Picnics—and You

Keep your brand name popping on beaches and at parties and parades this Independence Day with these customized giveaways:

  • Full Color 11 oz. Ceramic Mug: Cheers to the USA with this mug personalized with your imprint and the American flag. Simply select from our range of free patriotic designs in our customizer feature.
  • Spinning Dragonfly: Can you walk in a Fourth of July parade and spin one of these at the same time? Challenge accepted.
  • 2 oz Bubble Dispenser (Red or Blue): Indoors, outdoors, this patriotic bubble dispenser gets every party goer in on the action.
  • 9″ Fido Friendly Flyer (Red): For kids, canines, and adults of all ages, this flyer’s perfect for those celebrating Independence Day with action.
  • Tote Bag with Patriotic Flag: Let customers take your branding to the beach, picnic, or wherever they choose to travel with this fun, patriotic promotion.
  • Non-Woven Stadium Cushion (Red or Blue): A little padding at the picnic or parade will make your brand the king of the Fourth!

Final Thoughts about the Fourth

This USA of ours…. We think it’s a pretty awesome place. Wherever you are and whomever you’re with this Independence Day, all of us here at National Pen will be celebrating right along with you—honoring this land and all its fine folks. Happy Fourth from us to you!

Updated 6/29/2021

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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