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Designed to Beat the Texas Heat: The Koozie® Brand Origin Story

2019 marks the 40th birthday of the Koozie® brand, so we decided to look back at its origin. How did this iconic brand get its start as everyone’s favorite beverage accessory – the can kooler?

The Origin of the Koozie®: From Construction Site to Convenience Store

It was a hot Texas day in 1979 when a construction worker noticed tubing insulation material on the job site fit perfectly around his soda can. It was a quick solution to keep his hands dry, but then he noticed his drink also seemed to stay cooler, longer. It wasn’t long before his friends on the job site wanted one of his “koozies” for themselves.

When Frank Krasovec, owner of Radio Cap Company (RCC), found the construction worker’s “koozie” at a convenience store, he foresaw the massive potential of this simple invention. In 1980, RCC became the proud owner of the Koozie® brand name and design patent after making the construction worker an offer he couldn’t refuse.

40 Years of Koozie® Fans

In those early days, there were a few challenges to overcome to meet the demands of Koozie® mania. The RCC engineers designed machinery to increase manufacturing efficiency and developed a variety of colors with the original tubing insulation supplier. The team at RCC were already pros at imprinting on headwear and quickly modified processes to also imprint can koolers.

Over the last 40 years, millions of promotional Koozie® can koolers have helped brands get their message seen every time someone enjoys a cold one. At BIC Graphic, the Koozie® brand is still championed by Haroun Haroun, who worked at RCC and helped design the machines and processes that brought Koozie® can koolers to the masses.

“Of all the products I’ve worked on in my career, Koozie® is number one, hands down,” says Haroun. “It’s a simple invention that started as an accident and ended up changing how the world has fun.”

The Koozie® brand has grown to include a variety of patented and award-winning products designed to make it more fun when people come together. Whether using a classic Koozie® can kooler, insulated cooler bag or functional camping gear, genuine Koozie® products are designed to enhance every experience and extend your happiness.

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