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5 Best Stylus Pens for iPads, iPhones & Drawing [NEW Video]

Updated 8/11/20

Now, more than ever, people are looking for the best stylus pens. Why? Well, they allow you to touch screens hands free, whether that’s your phone, ATM, or the screen you use to checkout at the grocery store. Stylus pens are a thoughtful gift to extend to your customers, employees, and friends to help keep them safe.

Check out our best stylus pens video to find the right one for your job!

#1: The Best Stylus Pen

Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus®

If you’re looking for an all-around awesome stylus pen, the Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus is our choice. Not only does it have a handy stylus top, but it also has a barrel with a soft, velvety feel that makes it easy to grip.

#2: The Best Stylus Pen for iPad

Stylus Pen Stand with Screen Cleaner

For the iPad users out there, it’s important to have a tool you can count on to swipe and select easily. Our choice for the best stylus for iPad is the Stylus Pen Stand with Screen Cleaner, and this is another one that serves multiple purposes. It has a larger stylus at the top, which is perfect for larger devices like an iPad, and also comes with a ballpoint pen on the other side. Once you’re done using it, it fits perfectly into the base, which also doubles as a screen cleaner!

#3: The Best Stylus for iPhone

Metallic Vortex Stylus Pen

When it comes to finding the best stylus for iPhones, a smaller stylus is important since phones aren’t the largest of devices. The Metallic Vortex Stylus Pen is sized perfectly for iPhones or other mobile touchscreens and also includes a ballpoint pen. It’s priced right to hand out at trade shows and events or as a thank you to customers, which is another reason it makes the list for the best stylus for iPhone.

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#4: The Best Stylus for Drawing

Deluxe Cirrus Stylus Pen

An integrated precision stylus is key when looking for the best stylus for drawing. That means it keeps up with your movements, like making quick lines or brush strokes. A thinner barrel is also important, which helps avoid awkward hand or finger positions that can alter drawings. So, without further ado, the best stylus for drawing is the Deluxe Silver Cirrus Stylus Pen, which hits on all the aforementioned features.

#5: The Best Stylus for Note-Taking & Writing

Contour Pen with Stylus

The biggest criteria for the best stylus for writing? A comfortable grip and a wide body. No hand cramps here, guys! The Contour Pen with Stylus is the best stylus for note-taking because of its soft rubber comfort grip that’s slightly contoured and large barrel.

And if you need to switch over into writing in ink, the Contour Pen with Stylus comes with SmoothWrite™ Ink, which offers the best writing experience out there.

Whether you’re looking for the best stylus for writing, drawing, or using on an iPad, we hope these suggestions get you swiping in style!

You can also check out all the custom stylus pens we offer if you’re looking for something specific. (It’s no surprise that pens are our specialty at Let’s customize your stylus pens!

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