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7 Fun Football Giveaways to Rally the Home Team

When the Friday night lights are on, there’s a certain energy that buzzes through the crowd. Keep that going with school spirit giveaways that are not only fan favorites but are affordable as well. We can’t promise a winning season, but we can promise seven ideas for football giveaways!

Football Promotional Item #1: Rally Towels

It wouldn’t be a football game without rally towels, right? They make for the perfect football giveaways to hand out at the first game of the season. We offer a variety of colors and give your team’s logo or mascot a lot of room to shine.

Football Promotional Item #2: Stadium Cushions

No sore backs allowed at your games! Stadium cushions give fans hours of comfort, even if the game goes into OT. Because this is a higher-end gift, we suggest giving them away for special occasions. Perhaps it’s a thank you gift for the football players’ families? Maybe a prize for a social media contest? Whatever the occasion, this is the type of school spirit giveaway fans will use for years to come.

Football Promotional Item #3: Custom Mini Footballs

A school spirit giveaways list without custom mini footballs wouldn’t be much of a list! Fans love catching them when they’re thrown into the stands, and you’ll love the affordable price point.

Football Promotional Item #4: Football Schedule Pocket Slider

Football giveaways are also promotional pieces for the team. Take these Football Schedule Pocket Sliders for example—they let fans know the schedule so they can come to a game and show their support. A full house means great team morale and ticket and concession sales.

Football Promotional Item #5: RallyTotes™ Football Tote

Custom totes are always the perfect school spirit giveaway because they’re so useful and people take them everywhere. We like the idea of giving this football-shaped tote to the cheerleading or dance team.

Football Promotional Item #6: Touchdown Clear Drawstring Backpack

If your stadium has rules requiring fans to use clear backpacks, it’s a nice touch to either give them away or sell them in the school store. Think of all the eyes that will be on this football giveaway!

Football Promotional Item #7: Full Color Football Helmet Hand Fan

A fan for your fans! As we all know, football games can be scorchers, especially up in the nosebleeds. Keep your fans cool by passing out these football promotional items at the tailgate or in the stadium.

Well, that’s it for our football giveaway ideas—we can’t wait for the season to start! And in the meantime, check out the Best Conferences for College Football Tailgating.

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