The Best Custom Water Bottles – Marketing Ideas & Trends

How to Buy the Best Custom Water Bottles

From summer camp to a fun run to a new car purchase, there’s a water bottle branding opportunity for every occasion. Find the best custom water bottles for you with these marketing ideas and tips.

You Don’t Have to Pay a Lot for that Water Bottle!

For marketing occasions such as kids’ sporting events and summer camps, fun runs and festivals, a plastic water bottle is great for name recognition and easy on your budget. Pick custom water bottles with a push-pull lid and manageable size for active use. This Full Color Inkjet 20 oz. Speedy Bike Bottle‘s BPA-free and made of recycled, recyclable plastic:

Wait! Yes, You Do!

On the other hand…. If you and your client just closed on a new house, you’re selling souvenirs at a high end resort, or getting your ecotourism customers amped up for a two-week trip, a higher ticket item is in order. Step up your game with this copper lined, powder-coat finished Basecamp® 20 oz. Tundra Bottle:

The Moderate Middle Ground

In most cases, a quality water bottle that’s built to last, boasts your ad message, and is offered at a reasonable price, will do the promotional trick. Keep customers, employees, conference attendees, students, or volunteers well hydrated—and your name in hand—with this contemporary 5 oz. Rockit Bottle:

Water Bottle Marketing Ideas to Keep You Current

Drinking water’s always in style, so you can count on new trends popping up in the personalized water bottle space. Here are some of the coolest:

  • You Want Kiwi With That? For finicky drinkers, the 25 oz. Daily Double Infuser doesn’t disappoint. This is a great offering at farmers’ markets, festivals, health food stores, and resorts.
  • Bluetooth in A Bottle: The 22 oz. Soundwave Copper Vacuum Audio Bottle combines high-tech and hydration. Perfect for students, employees, and anyone who appreciates entertainment on the go.
  • Got Any Spare Change? With the 20 oz. 2-in-1 Skye Water Bottle with Detachable Cup & Straw, your recipients can hide cash or candy in the handy cup! Distribute this water bottle to campers, guests at hotels and tourist attractions, sports centers, and spas.
  • Always Hip, Never Thirsty: The H2Go 20 oz. Vue Glass Bottle harkens back to the 1950’s. The Milkman Cometh—in the form of a water bottle. If your business is creative, this one’s a winner.
  • Here’s to Your Health: The 22 oz. All Good Water Bottle with Pill Box includes a handy two-sided pill compartment. Don’t leave the hospital or health food store without one! Great for hospitals, medical centers, senior centers, and doctors’ offices.

Water Bottles: Ubiquitous for Good Reason

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge said it best in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, circa 1798. And while it’s true the poem’s protagonist lacked a desalination device, not a water bottle, we’d like to focus more broadly on the fact that he was surrounded by something he needed without being able to benefit from it. Like water with no water bottle. A nightmare!

And that’s where we, and you, and water bottle marketing come in. Just like water, the elixir of life itself, water bottles are everywhere—and usually in visible areas like offices, classrooms, parks, and gyms. So, custom water bottles are a strong promotional idea. Pick the best custom water bottles to suit your event, client, budget, and style, and promote your brand far and wide.

P.S. If you’ve caught the water bottle bug, browse through all our offerings, from custom bike bottles to Bluetooth enabled.

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