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5 Ways to Celebrate Small Business Week

If you’re wondering how to celebrate Small Business Week to benefit your bottom line, we’ve got answers. In honor of the many small businesses we serve, we put together five tips on how you can use Small Business Week to attract new customers, engage existing customers, and strengthen brand recognition within your community and beyond. Read on for tips on how to maximize the event, plus enjoy some background tidbits and stats to pump you up about why small businesses are so important.   

What Is Small Business Week?

Started in 1963 by proclamation of the United States President (and continued annually every year since then), National Small Business Week is a week-long, national recognition event to honor entrepreneurs in the U.S. In addition, during Small Business Week, the U.S. Small Business Administration celebrates Small Business Week with a virtual event highlighting the vital contribution of entrepreneurs and small business owners in creating jobs and driving innovation. 

When Is Small Business Week?

National Small Business Week is celebrated each year during the first week of May (for 2022, the dates are Sunday, May 1 through Saturday, May 7).  

Small Business Statistics

Given that every President has issued a proclamation for the Small Business Week celebration every year since 1963, it is clear that small business is a strong force in our economy and our communities. Check out a few compelling stats we curated from the research of the Small Business Administration and SCORE). 

  • 99.9 percent of all U.S. businesses are small businesses. 1
  • A small business has fewer than 500 employees. 1
  • The average small business employs about 11 people. 2
  • There are 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. 1
  • 99.7% of firms with paid employees are small businesses. 1
  • 97.4% of exporters are small businesses. 1
  • 43.5% of gross domestic product is contributed by small businesses. 2
  • 75% of small business owners donate an average of 6% of their profits to charitable organizations annually. 3

5 Ways to Create Buzz During Small Business Week

If you’re a small business or you serve small businesses, Small Business Week 2022 is a chance to highlight your company, your story, and your unique offerings. Now’s the time to sing your own praises, and there are lots of easy ways to get the party started. 

1. A Better Buzz for Your Small Business: Social Media

Create buzz online for your business with social posts and website banners that celebrate Small Business Week.  

  • Share your own story of entrepreneurship.
  • Thank family members, team members, and customers whose support and commitment have been integral to your success.
  • Encourage customers to come by and check out new merchandise, menu items, or services.
  • Offer a discount, giveaway, or a gift with purchase (see our promotional gift ideas below).

2. Support Other Small Businesses: Block Events and Online Referrals

There’s strength (and sales) in numbers. Work with fellow shops and service providers to shine a brighter spotlight on your and their small businesses.  

  • Collaborate with other businesses in your building, on your block, or in your neighborhood to host a Small Business Week celebration.
  • Extend your business hours, offer discounts to customers, and put together bundles among several shops or service providers.
  • For online transactions, include a link to partner companies in your order confirmation email.

3. Small Businesses Give Back: Support a Local Cause

Small businesses put dollars right back into their local community through employment and local revenue streams. They also donate significantly on top of that (see supporting Small Business Statistics  above).  

  • Let your customers know of the local causes, schools, and activities with which your business is involved.
  • Hang a photo of the youth sports team you’re sponsoring this season.
  • Include charities you support on your website.
  • Advertise that you’re donating five percent of proceeds during Small Business Week to a local food bank or your favorite charity.

4. Everyone Notices a Deal: Sales and Discounts During Small Business Week 2022

Big or small, a discount or deal helps customers take a second look at your small business. Sometimes we can drive by a shop or see a local business pop up in search results and we don’t have a reason to take action at that moment.  

  • Advertise a special during Small Business Week to give everyone an incentive to do the right thing and shop local.
  • Underscore your status as a proud member of the local economy, and thank your community for their ongoing support.

5. Spread the Word: Signs and Stats

Advertise Small Business Week and your special offers with direct mail, outdoor signs, and social media posts that use stats like those above to educate your customers about the value of small businesses like yours.  

Promotional Giveaways to Celebrate Small Business Week All Year Long

Whether it’s a gift with purchase, a trade show giveaway, or a souvenir at a special event, distribute a customized giveaway to help customers keep you top of mind. If you’re family run or minority owned, include this in your customized imprint for extra branding impact. Tout your status as a small business that moves mountains, because you are and you do. For giveaways that are sure to be kept, and keep your small business top of mind, check out these best-sellers.  

Promotional Pens

Design Wrap Deluxe Colorama Pen: All the room you need to promote your unique small business.  

Triple Pro Gel-Glide™ Click Pen: Mess-free and smudge-proof, for small businesses that are moving fast.  

Engraved Soft Touch Diamond Stylus Pen: For small businesses with a personal touch. 

Customized Totes

Promotional Non Woven Budget Shopper Tote: As they leave your small business make sure they’re advertising your store with this folding tote.  

Economy Tote: Small business can mean tight margin. Don’t go over-budget when you advertise on this handy and low-priced tote. 

Drinkware with Logo

Design Wrap 11 oz. Ceramic Mug: You may not be a behemoth (yet), but this mug gets your small business big visibility. 

Personalized Color Changing Stadium Cup – 17 oz: Small businesses party big. Pour drinks into these color changing cups at your small business block party or concert in the park.  

Grande Full Color 16 oz. Nina Tumbler: Whether you’re a family-run Mom and Pop or a Gen Z start-up, this tumbler will let your team members know you care. 


Promotional Magnets

Bic® Round Custom Logo Printed Fridge Magnet: Perfect for direct mail and point of sale, remind customers they’re welcome at your place with a magnet for their fridge or file cabinet.  

Design Wrap Envelope-Size Magnetic Calendar: With this giveaway they’ll reference the date, and your small business, all year long. 


This Small Business Week, Go Big

As you celebrate Small Business Week, take a moment to give yourself something special—a spa treatment, concert, fancy dinner, or sporting event. For all you do for the heart and soul of our communities, we thank you.  



Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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