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Cheers to a New Year: Best Drinkware for a Toast-Worthy 2022

It’s that time of year when back-to-back parties follow the transition from the holiday season to the new year. But when the drinks are drained and everyone is calling cabs for home, what drinkware will you be carrying with you into 2022? This list is specially curated both for the partying at the office and giveaways to help people celebrate the solo way in the comfort of their own kitchen. Read on for the best drinkware to toast the new year. 

Take-It-Home Tumblers

Tumblers are a drinkware staple, and while we’ve got a major selection of promotional tumblers on our site, today we’re highlighting the take-home style. These are the best drinking glasses for everyday use and make the perfect New Year’s gift. Fill it, cap it, and sip it down at your leisure because this giveaway is here to stay through 2022 and beyond. 

20 oz. CamelBak Hot Cap Travel Tumbler

This stylish and sturdy tumbler is a great giveaway that recipients can use every day! No more fumbling with the cap to get at the mouthpiece; this tumbler features a 360 degree drinking cap that lets you drink from any side. Just unscrew slightly, sip it like a cup, then screw it tight again for spill-free travel. Made from quality stainless steel, this travel tumbler is sure to get your custom logo seen and used as a household favorite through 2022. 

20 oz. Halcyon® Cork Bottom Tumbler

Popular for being a soft yet durable wood that can take a beating, cork has become a popular household trend, especially for coasters. But this travel tumbler comes with its own coaster built in with its stylish cork bottom! Combine that with its double-wall insulation and stylish stainless-steel construction, this tumbler makes an amazing gift for companies that want the very best everyday drinkware. 

14 oz. Stainless Steel Noe Camp Mug with Lid

Travel mug, camp mug, or just your handy-dandy go-to mug for your favorite hot beverage, this mug can handle it all. It features a vacuum-sealed cap that is sure to keep spills away and lock the heat (or cold) inside for you to sip at leisure. Customers will love the stylish matte powder coating and large handle, plus your custom logo and message printed large on the side. Fill it with candy and cocoa for the perfect party giveaway, or let the mug speak for itself as a bonus giveaway to employees or customers. 

Embrace the Chill Life

Whether your party goes long or you’re just chilling at home, you want to be able to relax knowing your drink doesn’t have to sit in the fridge the whole time to stay cool. These super stylish drink chillers bring that chill life to your bottle or can and give you the freedom to be fully in the moment and drink at your own pace throughout the night. If you love these, you should definitely check out our other promotional beverage holders for some brand-worthy styles! 

S’well 18 oz Tumbler with Lid

Want a tumbler that feels like a glass? This top-wide tumbler gives you lots of space for ice cubes (though you’ll hardly need them with that triple-layer insulation!) and the choice between a slide and sip closure or just take the top off entirely with a pop. It also doubles as a drink chiller for cans and bottles. No need for a coaster thanks to its anti-condensation construction – the perfect take-home tumbler for you to use every day! 

13 oz KOOZIE® Triple Vacuum Tumbler

Another tumbler and cooler combo, this KOOZIE tumbler is the perfect home accessory. It also features that high-demand triple-vacuum insulation and anti-condensation construction that protects your furniture, and two-in-one functionality means double the brand exposure when you give these out in your 2022 giveaways. Enjoy bright color options when you customize this tumbler for eye-popping promotions and party favors. 

16 oz. Ree Stainless Steel Vacuum-Sealed Tumbler

Take your drinks shaken, not stirred in this insulated tumbler that travels far with no spills. Perfect for long drives, long parties, or even long meetings thanks to its double-walled stainless steel insulation and spill-free snap-on lid with a sip-on-the-go slide opening. Your logo can stand out either printed on the bare steel or with a colorful powder coat that customers will love to show off at work or just on the go. If you want a giveaway that customers will take out of the house, this is the tumbler to do it. 

Put the “Win” in Wine Glass

Whether you’re looking for the best everyday drinkware for your wine or something to dazzle your guests at a party, these wine glasses make winners out of everybody. Promotional wine glasses are a great giveaway and a great party staple to bring that sense of classy composure to any situation. Whether you’re at a black tie event or rocking the bunny slippers and sleep robe look on your couch, you can’t help but feel on top of the world with these glamorous glasses. 

18 oz. Florence Stemless Wine Glass

No matter what color or vintage, this glass will give them all that glamorous touch everyone craves from a good glass of wine. The Florence style is perfect for any black tie event, whether it’s a wedding, a company awards night, or an executive meeting with vendors and investors. This glass is dressed to impress with its metallic trim and stemless style. If you want to give that professional impact this year, do it with real glass glassware stunningly styled with your custom branding.  

11 oz. Stainless Steel Gia Wine Glass with Laser Engraved Imprint

Want to send your partygoers home with something chic? This stainless steel wine glass is shaped for wine and built for travel with an elegant slide and slip cap and laser-engraved custom logo. Keep your wine cool throughout the party with high quality vacuum insulation. The perfect party favor or giveaway gift, recipients will feel classy and cool no matter where they have their wine and dine time in 2022. 

Party Hard Collection

The traditional glasses and tumblers are all well and good, but if you really want to party your way into the new year, you want the best drinkware glasses that reflect your wild side. Don’t just give out glasses this year, give out novelty glasses that will make your celebration the highlight of the new year. We’ve got big stuff, small stuff, and elegant stuff that your guests will love! 

16 oz. Ale Glass Can

Ever wish you had the shape and style of a can but in the clean convenience of a glass? No? Well, we did it anyway, and the results are a glass that customers absolutely adore. Replacing jars as the trendy drinking glass, this glamorous giveaway combines the relaxed atmosphere of a can of beer with the classic sophistication of a solid glass drinking cup and is the perfect place to put your logo, whether for a party, for your bar, or as a just-because giveaway to start the new year right. 

17 oz. Personalized Color Changing Stadium Cup

Is it really a party if the cups stay the same color? Probably, but it’s definitely a better party when you have color-changing cups! These super fun stadium cups change their color when filled with cold drinks, the perfect companion for a New Year’s punch bowl. Choose from a variety of colors for your cups to turn and upload your custom logo and message that you want associated with a seriously fun time, then you’re ready to party. Sturdy, stackable, and reusable, these cups double as party favors and are built to last your guests through the entire year and beyond.  

1.5 oz. Silipint™ Silishot Glass

Looking for the best drinkware for a party? Nothing brings out our inner party animal like a colorful shot glass. Made of food-grade silicone, this shot glass will survive the wildest party. Shatter-proof, microwave safe, freezer-friendly, and can even go in the dishwasher, you can put anything in this shot glass and enjoy a breeze-easy cleanup afterward. The perfect party glass and party favor in one, everyone will remember the party where they got this trendy giveaway! 

Amber Malt Growler – 64 oz

Now this is a giveaway that will turn some heads. With a whopping 64 oz capacity and beautifully constructed of tinted glass, gifts like these don’t come around every new year. Make 2022 the year to remember with this magnanimous amber growler that everyone will want to be taking home. Perfect for bars and anyone else wanting to remind customers who has the best drinks around, be prepared for a high demand on this high-quality giveaway. 

Glass Pilsner – 16 oz

Long and elegant with a sturdy base, this is the sort of glassware people will want to take home with them. The wide lip and narrow base makes it easy to admire your drink with plenty of room for both the foam and the good stuff. If you’re looking for a glass that can party in style but still hold its beer, this pilsner glass is the place for your logo. 

When picking out the very best drinkware for your 2022 toasts, there’s an endless variety to choose from. Between the best drinking glasses for everyday use and the special glassware made for special occasions, the most important thing is to choose the style that best fits your brand and your message. Capped steel, intricate glassware, silicone shot glasses – let your choice of giveaways pave the way for an exciting new year. 

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