The Best Tech Promotional Products & Gadget Giveaways

Sure, the features of tech promotional giveaways make them instant hits (we’re talking about you, extended battery life and Bluetooth capabilities). But what really makes these products stand out is that you don’t have to own a technology-focused business to reap the benefits of promo gadgets. These tech promotional items will be used by prospects and customers alike because they make everyday life easy, whether you give out portable chargers, speakers, or USBs.

To make finding the best tech giveaways for you, we’ve broken them out by category. Let’s get into it!

Tech Giveaways #1: USB Flash Drives

In their 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study, the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), found that USBs are kept for approximately 13 months. During that time, they generate 700 impressions! We say this qualifies custom USB flash drives for one of the top tech promotional products, right?

Within the USB flash drive category falls many different designs, and here are our picks:

USB Bracelets

One of the best tech promotional products is the USB bracelet. Unique in design and incredibly functional, USB bracelets are also instant conversation starters. They even hold up to 8GB of data, which is impressive for something you can wear on your wrist!

Slappy Drives – 4GB

USB Cards

Thin enough to fit in any wallet, USB cards are another unique tech giveaway. This is the type of promotional product that will save people in a pinch—maybe they’re in a meeting and need to share files and AHA! They remember you gave them this handy USB card.

Royce Credit Card USB Drive – 8GB

USB Sticks

We couldn’t talk about tech giveaway ideas without mentioning the go-to, USB sticks. Most everyone has seen the traditional USB drives that you plug into computers, so we’ve picked something a bit more wow-worthy. This promo product is a trade show favorite, thanks to its lanyard and easy access to the flash drive. We love the idea of loading it with your marketing material for attendees!

Lanyard USB Drive – 2GB

Tech Giveaways #2: Portable Chargers

There’s no better way to power your promotions than with a custom portable charger. Again, these are the type of tech promotional products that get people out of a jam and they’ll always remember you for that.

ASI states that a promo power bank that costs $10 will have a cost per impression (CPI) of only 1 cent per impression—we like those numbers!

Car Chargers

We’ve found that no one will turn down a car charger—it’s one of the most appreciated tech promotional giveaways you can find. This fan favorite plus into a car power socket and is compatible with most devices. And look at all that room for your logo!

USB Car Charger

USB Power Banks

Part portable power bank, part wall charger, this handy tech giveaway is a high-end option for your most qualified prospects and loyal customers. The smooth rubber finish adds an elegant touch, too.

Cupertino Power Bank Wall Charger

Tech Giveaways #3: Headphones & Speakers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—the best tech promotional products are those that are not only helpful for the recipient, but get your brand lots of exposure. Custom headphones achieve both of these goals, and come in a range of styles and budgets.


If you’re looking for affordable tech giveaway ideas, then earbuds are a great call. With prices under $2 per earbud set, they can provide a big marketing impact without breaking the bank.

We like the muti-functionality of this set—it comes with earbuds, a custom-printed earphone holder, and a phone stand.

Incline Earbuds Holder with Phone Stand

Bluetooth Headphones

Now, if you’re looking for a promo gadgets that will impress, we suggest Bluetooth headphones with your logo. Our Enyo Bluetooth Headphones have a playback time of up to 10 hours, fold inwards for portability, and keeps you hands free when working out, listening to music, or taking a call.

Enyo Bluetooth Headphones

Tech Giveaways #4: Speakers

And now for custom speakers, a tech giveaway idea they’ll always use. Speakers are perfect for giving to your best customers or even for your top-performing employees.

The laser-engraved logo and size of the Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker makes it a winner.

Native Wooden Bluetooth Speaker

That’s it for our round up of the best tech promotional products! Drop us a note on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share which tech giveaways you’ll be picking up.

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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