Best Trade Show Giveaways & Ideas: 2019 Edition

We’ve compiled the best trade show giveaways of 2019 so you can walk onto that trade show floor and rock it. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending a trade show for real estate professionals, dentists, or those in the auto industry—these are the trade show giveaway ideas that the experts on our merchandising team know will make you stand out amongst prospective clients, customers, and business partners. To make finding the perfect giveaway easy, we’ve broken it down by your business goals. Let’s find the right promotional items for you and your business!

Trade Show Giveaway Ideas by Business Goal

These trade show tips are geared towards choosing promotional products based on what you want them to do for you. Do you want to wow and impress potential customers or investors with something flashy? Do you want to show you’re up-to-speed with the hottest trends by handing out a product trade show goers have never seen before? Take a few minutes to think about the desired intention behind the promotional product—it’ll help you maximize your marketing dollars in the best way.

Now that you know what you want to accomplish through the power of promotional products, let’s look at the top choices for achieving your goals.

  1. Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizer
  2. 16 oz. Tumbler with Mood Straw
  3. Tritan™ Bop Bluetooth® Speaker Water Bottle
  4. Field & Co® Cambridge 10” Tablet Messenger Bag
  5. Full Color Cleaning Cloth
  6. Full Color PopSockets®

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Goal #1: Stand Out Amongst the Crowd

These unique products will leave trade show attendees remembering your name.

Tote bags, promotional pens, and custom water bottles are always on the list for trade show giveaway items because, well, they work. And while we definitely suggest having those items at your trade show booth, there’s also room to give something out that people haven’t seen before. Our vote for most unique or unexpected items are:

Cord Wrap/Earphone Organizer


Price Range: $

Comes In: Black, Red, Blue, and White

Great for: Long-Lasting Brand Visibility

We’ve all been there: you reach for your headphones and they’re a tangled mess. At the end of a long day walking the trade show floor, something like this could really annoy attendees. But, not the lucky people who stopped by your booth and got these awesome cord/earphone organizers.

The simple design but unique shape of this organizer is both functional and eye-catching. And imagine all of the eyes that’ll be on your logo as people unwrap their custom headphones on the train, at the gym, or at the store. We like to think of these as business cards people will hold on to and use over and over again.

Insider Tip: For future use, the flat design of this cord organizer makes it perfect for sending in envelopes or packages. Maybe it’s a thank-you gift for connections you made at the trade show, or something you slip into the box when you ship out orders to customers.

Extra Insider Tip: Create a VIP giveaway and pair the cord organizer with custom Bluetooth® Benchmark Ear Buds.

16 oz. Tumbler with Mood Straw

Price Range: $$

Comes In: Blue to Purple, Frosted Clear to Blue, Frosted Clear to Red, Pink to Purple, Yellow to Green

Great for: Word-of-Mouth Advertising

With 500 million straws being used every day in the United States, many people are leaning towards reusable options to reduce their waste. Not only are custom tumblers better for their environment, they also offer great potential for advertising.

Color changing? Big imprint area? Bold colors? Yup, this unique tumbler and straw combo has it all.

Insider Tip: If you’re a restaurant, we love the idea of pairing this with a gift certificate for a free drink or milkshake. Chances are, they’ll come in for way more than just their freebie.

Goal #2: Attract & Impress Trade Show Attendees

Higher-ticket items perfect for games, raffles, and impressing those heavy hitters.

Because these trade show giveaway ideas are so awesome, they can tackle two goals. First, they’re great for attracting people to your booth for a game or a raffle. A quick trivia game that relates to your company or industry is a fun way to engage with attendees, and they’ll appreciate a higher-end gift they can actually use.

Secondly, these promotional products are ideal for giving to your key prospects or contacts. Everyone has a list of those top contacts that’ll be at the trade show, whether they’re potential investors, partners or customers. Because these come in at a higher price point, it’s advantageous to save them for those who will make the most impact.

Tritan™ Bop Bluetooth® Speaker Water Bottle

Price Range: $$$

Comes In: Translucent Lime Green, Translucent Blue, Translucent Red, and Translucent Gray  

Great for: Tech-Minded Individuals, Health Enthusiasts, and Those Who Drink Water 😉

As we mentioned above, water bottles are ubiquitous items at trade shows, partly because practically everyone uses them, and partly because their eco-friendly nature imparts goodwill on your company’s behalf. We also can’t deny that logoed drinkware is more effective advertising than radio and television spots: 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser on drinkware versus 32% of radio and 28% of television.

But, have you seen a water bottle like this one? Inside the unassuming lid is a full-capacity wireless speaker that has a 3-4 hour playtime—making it perfect for the gym, beach, and beyond. When Bluetooth is activated, it has a flashing LED ring of light that appears below the speaker (and helps illuminate your logo, by the way!) and it even has a microphone for answering calls. Last but definitely not least, it’s made of Tritan™, a super-strong BPA-free plastic that won’t dent or break when dropped.

Insider Tip: Charge the water bottles before you hand them out so people can instantly start using them.

Extra Insider Tip: Want to go the extra mile? Create a Spotify playlist that features music that you played in your booth and give attendees the link when you pass out the water bottle.

Field & Co® Cambridge 10” Tablet Messenger Bag

Price Range: $$$$

Comes In: Brown with a Black, White, and Rust Plaid Lining

Great for: Qualified Prospects & Advertising in an Upscale Way

With nearly 6,000 impressions per bag, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the United States. Bags are one of those items that people use constantly, especially if they’re both functional and attractive.

Enter the Field & Co® Cambridge 10” Tablet Messenger Bag with its cool vintage vibe. Its design is inspired by the style of Ivy Leaguers in the 1960s, but its functionality is undoubtedly modern. The padded compartment is designed to protect tablets and the multiple pockets are perfectly appointed. The real stand-out is how your logo will shine, though. We deboss your logo onto the front flap, which means it’s stamped into the material and creates an indentation.

Insider Tip: Add the finishing touch and fill each bag with candy, pens, and any marketing materials you have.

Goal #3: Get the Most Impressions for Your Investment

Budget-friendly, yet highly effective promotional products.

You’ve paid for your booth, your ticket, and your accommodations—and now, you’re looking to maximize your marketing budget. We get it! When searching for the perfect product to meet this goal, we considered both ROI and uniqueness.

Full Color Cleaning Cloth

Price Range: $

Comes In: Full Color 

Great for: Passing Out to All Who Stop by Your Booth

The full color graphics are what makes this powerhouse of a product shine. Sure, it cleans glasses and screens like a pro, but the real estate for your company’s logo is what will really get you the most bang for your buck. If you’re counting, its 6 inches by 6 inches of total advertising space—all in vibrant full color.

Insider Tip: Think of these guys as a mini billboard—create a graphic that has your logo, contact info, and booth number so prospects will always know how to get in contact with you.

Goal #4: Stay Top-of-Mind for Months to Come

Those “sticky” products that won’t end up in the trash.

Usefulness is paramount when it comes to the best trade show giveaways. You want something that people are thankful to have, something that solves a problem or helps them in their everyday lives. These days, our phones are always with us, and there are plenty of tech promotional items that harness their power.

Full Color PopSockets®

Price Range: $$

Comes In: White or Black PopSocket with Full Color Imagery 

Great for: Getting Your Name Out to the Masses

According to, the average person makes approximately 8,000 text and calls in public each year. That breaks down to 8,000 impressions per PopSocket per year—so about 1,670 impressions per dollar you spend! Hello, ROI.

So now that you know the value of the PopSocket, let’s get into what they actually do. Well, you stick the PopSocket to the back of your phone or tablet (thanks to its repositionable gel) and then you’re off to the races. You can use it as a media stand, photo or texting grip, or for steadying your phone during a video chat. And, you guessed it, during all those activities, your logo is front and center.

Insider Tip: Giving away PopSockets is the perfect opportunity to get a prospect’s information. Ask prospects to drop their business cards to win one of your branded PopSockets.

We can’t wait to see which trade show giveaway ideas you’ll be using this year! Tag us on Instagram to bring us along for the ride.

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