It’s Time for Eco-Friendly Pens, and We’ve Short Listed the Best!

Eco-friendly is becoming a way of life for more and more of us (case in point, our rapidly growing selection of eco-friendly promotional items). Whether it’s using less water and printing less paper, ride-sharing and telecommuting, buying local and supporting organic, considering supply chains and shunning fast fashion, we are finding ways as consumers and business owners to make earth-conscious choices.

When it comes to promoting your business, putting earth first with eco-friendly pens is a great way to build your brand on solid ground. And the options are limited not by your budget so much as your palate—wheat vs corn, water vs. coffee (details below). Pick your preference and get ready to go earth first!

Eco-Friendly Pen Picks

Thirsty? Pick a Pen Made from Water Bottles

Love Carbs? These Pens Are Made from Wheat

Need a Pick Me Up? Customize a Pen Made from Coffee

Penchant for Pandas? This One’s Made of Bamboo

Pen? Paper? This One’s Both

On the Cob or Off? Pick a Pen Made from Corn

Brand Promoters and Earth Lovers, It’s All You (Yum!)

Now that we’ve whet your appetite for carbs, coffee, and eco-friendly pens, you might call it a day with, say, a customized corn pen. Or you can round things out with a piece of eco-friendly stationery. Either way, happy branding, and bon appétit!

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See how we’re striving to be environmentally friendly at National Pen.

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