Golf Tournament Swag Bags: 15 Ideas for Golf Promotional Items

Golf Tournament Swag Bags:

15 Bogey-busting Ideas

Sponsoring a golf tournament and looking to fill a swag bag? We’re here to help! You want golf tournament swag bag ideas that advance your brand image, remind recipients of the fun they had at the tournament, and keep them all super jazzed about you. (By the way, if you’re looking for the best golf promotional items for a golf trade show, you’re in the same boat—er, on the same golf course as it were. So you’re invited to get in on this blog, too.)

Golf Swag Bag Brainstorm

To fill that golf tournament swag bag, a little brainstorming never hurts. Let’s get those creative juices flowing. Consider the game of golf. What comes to mind? Let’s see….

Birdies, eagles, albatrosses, condors—various species of flying birds at various stages of endangerment. But filling a golf tournament swag bag with a bird isn’t practical or kind (or legal), and the condor for one is quite hard to come by and sports an unwieldy wing span to boot. So it’s back to the brainstorm board we go….

Luckily for you, gentle reader, we completed the rest of this brainstorm on our own—and you’ll be pleased with the results. Read on for golf tournament swag bag ideas and trade show ideas, vetted by us and ready for your custom messaging.

Best Ideas for Golf tournament Swag Bags or Trade Shows

Done right, getting your name on golf giveaways that keep your brand top of mind is as easy as the 19th hole. Take a swing at the following golf tournament swag bag and golf trade show ideas. We left no stone unturned or divot unrepaired in setting you up for a swag bag that covers all the bases, er, holes. Whether part of a tournament swag bag or a trade show, these gifts will appeal to all those who love the links (i.e., your future customers) far and wide!

Check out our picks for go-to golf giveaways in these key areas:




19th Hole/After-party

Golf Tool Giveaways

  1. Logo Golf BallsPar Pack with 3 Balls – Wilson® Ultra 500
  2. Custom Golf TeesBulk Golf Tees
  3. Golf Knife/Divot Repair Tool: Aluminum Divot Repair Tool
  4. Golf Cleats: Softspikes® – Black Widow Cleats – Fast Twist. These aren’t customized but fast twist cleats sure do complete any golf swag bag!
  5. Golf Pencils: Hex Golf Pencils with Eraser

Promotional Golf Attire

  1. Sunglasses: Matte Finish Malibu Sunglasses or Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses
    1. Hat/Caps: Valucap Bio-Washed Unstructured Cap or Washed Cotton Cap
      1. Polos: UltraClub® Ladies’ Cool & Dry Performance Polo and UltraClub® Men’s Cool & Dry Performance Polo

      2. Custom Golf Accessories

        1. Golf Notebooks: Royal Notepad with Pen
        2. Custom Golf Towels: Microfiber Waffle Weave Golf Towel
        3. Golf Shoe Bags: Mesh Golf Shoe Bag
        4. Promotional Golf Umbrellas: 58″ Auto Open Folding Golf Umbrella
        5. Bag Tags: Birdie Custom Printed Bag Tags

        19th Hole/After-party Swag

        1. Can Coolers: Custom Golf Can Holder and Cooler
        2. Golf/Beer Coolers: The Foursome Golf Bag Cooler

        Golf tournament swag bag ideas should focus on the game, the course, the attire, and of course, the 19th hole. Whether you’re distributing these golf promotional items in a swag bag at a golf tournament or to your best booth visitors at a golf trade show, we predict hole-in-one (we had to say it—trust us, you’d worry if we didn’t) branding success.

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