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Brand Highlight: Basecamp® Promotional Products

Are you ready for adventure? Whether you’re tackling the daily grind or a once-in-a-lifetime outdoor experience, Basecamp® promotional products are built to last in style. But who is Basecamp? Where did they get their start, and why do people love their products so much? We’re turning the spotlight on this popular brand and how you can use their products to promote your own business. 

Basecamp Brand History

The Basecamp brand didn’t start as the king of outdoor gear that it is today. In 2012, they had two backpacks and a dream of becoming the big name in corporate adventures. Now, they help customers navigate every terrain, from the urban jungle with trendy tumblers and tech organizers, to hardy mountain environments with coolers, multitools, clothes, and more.  

But fame and fortune aren’t the only things driving this company to the top of their industry. For years, Basecamp has partnered with the Wounded Warrior Project, donating a portion of every sale to injured veterans, along with additional yearly donations of $125,000 and more. Part of the Wounded Warriors Project involves donating basic comfort items to recovering wounded veterans, which Basecamp’s WWP ambassador Dan had a first-hand experience with. You can read more about his story and how he came to partner with Basecamp and WWP on the Basecamp site

What Makes Basecamp Products So Popular?

Basecamp promotional products are made for people who are ready to take on the world, with durable designs made for all sorts of outdoor adventures. These customizable products are excellent for businesses that work with the outdoors, whether it’s a sporting goods store or a kayak rental shop.  

But you don’t have to be a mountaineer or a trailblazer to make these promotional gifts work for you. High-performance products like Basecamp water bottles and backpacks make excellent gifts for employees at company events, or for raffles and rewards to loyal customers. Even if your recipients aren’t about to embark on some high-adventure experience, they can still enjoy these gifts everywhere from the office to the park. 

Basecamp Promotional Product Key Features

There’s a lot to love about these powerful products, but some features stand about above the rest. Here are some of the top benefits Basecamp has to offer in their products: 

  • High-performance quality: Ever have a product that feels cheap, looks cheap, and doesn’t last long before falling apart? You don’t have to worry about that with Basecamp. Their products are hardy in the best ways, offering high quality that lasts through a lifetime of adventure.
  • Style for miles: Just because it’s hardy doesn’t mean it has to look like bunker trash. With features like powder-coat finishes, polished stainless steel, and designs that make you feel like the hero of your own adventure film, this modern brand brings the style in all of their Basecamp products.
  • Versatility: Just because Basecamp products can survive a trip over a waterfall doesn’t mean you have to take them there. Customers can enjoy these high- quality gifts anywhere they want, at home or out in the wilderness. Plus, Basecamp offers high quality products designed for any environment, including the city or your own backyard!
  • Heart behind the product: One of the reasons people love Basecamp products is their partnership with The Wounded Warrior Project. Donating a portion of every product’s sale to the WWP means that customers can help give back to veterans while enjoying high quality products, an overall win-win.

Use Basecamp Promotional Products for Your Brand

Ready to see some of these famous Basecamp products? We have all sorts of Basecamp promotional products available, perfect for the city, the trails, the beach, and anywhere else your logo wants to go. 

Basecamp® Mesa Tundra 20 oz. Bottle

This Basecamp bottle is a popular gift that suits any level of adventure – from braving steep hiking trails in the scorching sun to the oddly hazardous office workplace with poor air conditioning. Your customers can keep their drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 with this flip-top bottle’s vacuum insulation, all the while enjoying your custom logo on the front. 

Basecamp® K2 Tumbler – 30 oz

Powder-coated stainless steel, copper-lined vacuum insulation, and a pressure lid for no-spill sipping all make this the perfect place to park your logo – whether customers are taking it on the road trip of a lifetime or just tackling that commute from home to work. No more leaky lids, no more scratched up exteriors, this Basecamp tumbler offers style that lasts no matter where it goes.

Basecamp® City Hopper Backpack

Built for the wild urban jungle, this Basecamp backpack has everything your customers need for a perfect commute, a hike through an endless airport maze, a vacation in an unfamiliar city, and more. Featuring pockets, pockets, and more pockets, customers will stay organized and keep their belongings secure. A TSA-friendly padded laptop compartment, an RFID-protected compartment for wallets and phones, a trolley sleeve, and more make this the perfect bag for keeping all of your customers’ essentials close to your brand.

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