Brand Highlight: Parker

A French manufacturer of luxury writing pens for 130 years, the Parker Pen Company has long been at the forefront of reliable, innovative writing instruments. Exquisitely designed and crafted, Parker pens reflect the company’s devotion to fine writing and the importance of the written word. Here’s a sketch of the illustrious Parker pen history and the best custom Parker pen offered today. 

Parker Pen History

When considering brands we love, we think a brand preferred by world leaders must be worth a second glance. Founded in 1888 in Wisconsin, the Parker Pen Company started as a manufacturer of patented fountain pen technology, and has maintained its reputation for quality and innovation while expanding over more than a century into other areas including ballpoint pens, gel ink pens, and much more.  

Parker is famous for the Parker 51, the most widely used model of fountain pen, which is used by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. Another winner, the Parker Jotter, was the preferred pen of several presidents including John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton.  

Over its long and successful history, manufacturing facilities have included locations such as Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, India, Germany (Osmia-Parker), Brazil, and Argentina. With all this production spanning the globe over more than 100 years, you might be wondering where Parker pens are made these days. In 2011, all Parker pen production was moved from two facilities in Newhaven in England and Janesville, Wisconsin, to one facility in Nantes, France.  

Along with selling pens through retail stores, the brand offers Parker promotional pens. These custom Parker pens allow businesses to leverage the Parker brand to promote their own, through custom imprints of their logo or other messaging.  

What Everyone Loves About the Parker Brand

Whether producing pens for everyday use, or focusing on luxury pens for special occasions and discerning customers, the Parker brand is associated with appealing design and reliable function. Today, the Parker Pen brand is focused on top-drawer quality and a higher price point. Key offerings include fountain pens, ballpoint pens like the Parker Jotter® Pen, and Quink, its quick drying ink. 

How You Can Use Parker Promotional Pens

When you add your imprint to a Parker promotional pen, you can be confident your name is associated with dependable mechanics and proven design. Celebrate team accomplishments at work, welcome new clients to your business, or commemorate important events and milestones with custom Parker pens. 

Popular Parker Promotional Pen to Customize

The ever-popular Parker Jotter® Pen is a top choice for personalizing with your logo or special messaging. This time-tested winner is durable, decidedly clickable, and affordable, too. For a great giveaway at your next family reunion, client meeting, or special event, customize the classic Parker Jotter® Pen.

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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