Strategies to Increase Visibility for Your Small Business

If you’ve got a small business, you deserve big attention. Why? Because consumers favor small business owners and given the choice, they’d rather spend their dollars with you than with a behemoth competitor. But how to increase visibility without breaking the bank? Help would-be customers find you by adding these cost-effective ideas to your visibility strategy! 

How to Increase Visibility for Your Business: When Brick and Mortar Is What You’re Made Of

Your storefront could be on Main Street or off the beaten path, but you can maximize business visibility and year-round foot traffic with these in-person engagement tactics: 

  • Big World, Small Block: Participate in community events like Fourth of July parades and block parties. Hand out promotional giveaways and offer themed merchandise.
  • Farmers Markets: Set up a table, offer samples, or sponsor the market with customized tote bags at entry points.
  • Direct Mail: Focus on zip codes surrounding your shop, and send out a postcard with a special offer or an inexpensive direct mail piece like a promotional magnetic calendar, personalized pen, or custom sticky notepad.
  • Samples and Giveaways: Don’t let any customer or prospect leave without your company name top of mind! Offer food samples and freebies that delight your visitors and bring them back for more. Tip: Take a look at our latest promotional products, including natural features like recycled paper, bamboo trim, and more.

How to Create Online Visibility for Your Business: Click Bait for Your Online Tackle Shop

Whether you’re a little-known pure-play ecommerce company, or a hybrid small business in a hard-to-find location, creating online visibility is key to ongoing traffic. Check out this check-list of action items for online business visibility  

  • Social Media: Socialize! Most businesses need not be active on all platforms, but pick one or two that are relevant to your target demographic, e.g., TikTok for the young whipper snappers, Twitter for the data addicts, Pinterest for the aesthetically-driven.
  • Scream It from the Cyber Rooftops: Yelp! Every response lets customers know you’re actively engaged and ready for their business. Try (hard) not to resort to boilerplate responses. Especially as a small business, your customers count on real names and earnest responses behind products and services they can count on.
  • Highway or Gravel Road: Google Ads! Before you spend a bunch of money on Google Ads, which work tremendously well for some industries and not so well for others, so some research, or pay a college intern to do it. Industries that tend to rock Google Ads include finance and insurance, retail, dating, job training and education, and car dealerships. Note that these tend to be industries driven by immediacy, e.g., “I need that loan/job/car/date”. If you’re in a less immediacy-driven business, focus on longer term organic traffic by keeping your website updated and engaging with review sites and industry-related content.
  • If I Build It Will They Come: Website! Your website is your best friend and most loyal advisor when it comes to increased visibility. If you’re offline only, your website is dedicated to branding, information, establishing credibility. If you’re a hybrid or a pure-play ecommerce play, a few website features are critical: easy reservation and appointment scheduling; clear and fast navigation; and “about us” and contact info that quickly establishes that you’re a legit business backed by well-intentioned humans, not scambots.

How To Make Your Company Visible on Google: Google Wants to Know Allllll About You

Google loves to be a superstar for internet surfers. Ensure your business is the wave your target audience is riding by being specific and timely with your online content: 

  • Your Biz: Such a Niche! Use keywords on your website and in your ads that describe your business in specific terms, e.g., Moroccan food, handmade faux-leather boots, landscape services for indigenous plant lovers, etc.
  • Website: This Just In! It doesn’t have to be fancy, but keep your website up to date. Add new content regularly. This could be a simple banner announcing a special, new hours, gift with purchase, or new menu items.
  • Review Sites: Feel the Burn! Stay active on review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor. Respond to customer reviews, and publish new offerings, new hours, and seasonal specials.

Increase Business Visibility By Putting Your Name in Their Hand

Below are a few of our latest crowd-pleasers to get your brainstorm going. Check out all our promotional items to find the perfect match for your business, brand, and budget.  

Totes: At the front desk and the farmers market, increase visibility in every crowd with a custom tote.  

Drinkware: Everyone can use a seasonal drinkware upgrade, so make sure your brand is on their next favorite mug or tumbler. 

Keychains: Fourth of July or home-grown businesses, a customized patriotic keychain underscores the point: your business is part of the community.  

Pens: Take one, take two—the more they take, the more advertising you get. Pick a trendy style that keeps your name close at hand. 

Mints: The giveaway everyone wants: fresh breath, at the ready! Add your name to mint tins for customers at your restaurant, hotel, or medical facility. 

Learn More About How to Increase Visibility So Customers Come and Stay

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