14 Gift with Purchase Ideas to Grab Attention and Increase Sales

Adding a gift with purchase is a great way to surprise and elate customers, encourage customer retention, gain brand visibility, and increase average order value (AOV). Below we cover the best free gift with purchase tips and ideas for various industries, price points, and seasons.  

What Is a Gift with Purchase?

A giveaway with purchase or gift with purchase (GWP) is a free gift that customers receive in conjunction with a targeted purchase including:

  • Purchasing During a Specific Timeframe: Gifts with purchase during specific times of day or times of the year allow you to smooth out spikes, manage customer traffic, and move inventory to keep revenue and staffing on target.
  • Purchasing Above a Particular Dollar Amount or Minimum Order Quantity: Incentive customers with a gift when they hit a target dollar spend amount and your gift with purchase becomes a winning loss leader. 🙂
  • Purchasing Within a Specific Product or Category: Move seasonal or trendy inventory with a giveaway with purchase. This adds appeal to the category and protects your brand, avoiding relegating merchandise to the clearance table.
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What Are the Benefits of a Giveaway with Purchase Campaign?

The best gift with purchase ideas deliver unique advantages over other sales incentives like discounts and coupons: 

  • Maintain High-Value Brand: A key benefit of a gift with purchase is that you incentivize a sale without discounting a high-value product or brand. The best free gift with purchase will encourage a conversion while also increasing average order value (AOV). Gift with purchase are often promoted as exclusive or limited in supply. Think of makeup or skin care purchases where the customer receives a sample or smaller portion of a related product bundled with a certain product or collection. The customer is introduced to even more offerings within the brand family, and completes their purchase feeling their expectations are beyond satisfied.
  • Positive Customer Experience: Everyone loves an unexpected gift. The “unexpected gift” is a proven tool for customer satisfaction and retention. When the customer feels they are getting more for the same price there is a sense of positive abundance vs a discount shopping experience where there is a sense of getting something for nothing. Think of sitting down to an elegant dinner and the server places an amuse-bouche (small complimentary appetizer) in front of you, compliments of the chef. The mood is immediately elevated and lightened. “This is going to be great!” is the thought, vs “This is going to be cheap!”

What Are the Best Free Gift with Purchase Products?

Below are popular gift with purchase ideas that cover different industries, price points, and occasions: 

Higher-Price-Point Gifts with Purchase

When your products and services command a higher price, your gift with purchase should say top drawer as well. The gifts below range from $30-$77 per piece. Tip: For budget-friendly options, consider a Water-Resistant Budget Shopper Tote or a Design Wrap Nile Pen.

  1. Cross® Click Chrome Pen
  2. 33 oz. Vacuum Thermos
  3. Rise and Shine Gift Set
  4. Basecamp® City Hopper Backpack
  5. Seasonally-Themed Gifts with Purchase

    Support a seasonal or holiday campaign with a gift with purchase for added interest and special appeal.  


  6. Huddle Sweatshirt Blanket
  7. Winter: 

  8. Leeman™ Knit Beanie with Faux Fur Pom-Pom
  9. Spring: 

  10. Terra Cotta Wee Planter Kit
  11. Summer:  

  12. Duo COB Lantern Wireless Speaker
  13. Industry-Specific Gifts with Purchase

    Give them a gift with purchase that’s related to your product or service to keep your name top of mind every time they use it.  


  14. Essos True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds with Case
  15. Wood Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charging Pad
  16. Spa & Beauty:  

  17. Allure Cosmetic Bag
  18. Travel and Tourism: 

  19. elleven™ Travel Organizer
  20. Food and Grocery: 

  21. Silicone Spatula
  22. Keep It Cool Insulated Tote Bag

Entice Customers to Take Action with a Little Extra Love

Giveaways with Purchase are a great way to move merchandise when you need to and hit revenue goals without discounting. Pick gifts that support your brand and your budget, and prepare to raise spirits and your bottom line.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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