The Moment is Now for Bright & Colorful Pens

 I know, I know…Brights? For summer? Groundbreaking.

While a bright color palette may not be revolutionary in fashion, it is somewhat in the promotional world.

You see, for so long, custom pens have been primarily business-friendly black, blue, red, and a muted metallic. And those are wonderful and absolutely serve a purpose! But, when you’re looking to stand out in a very crowded space, bright pens are the ones you want bearing your business name.

Stylus Colorful Pens: When You Want Style & Substance

The bright pen will draw customers and prospects in and a functional stylus will keep them coming back for more. This added feature makes swiping and selecting easier and avoids contact with items in public, like ATM screens.

Here are our top three picks:

  1. Bright Soft Touch Splendor Stylus Pen: the reviews say it all about this best-seller, and we think you’ll like the velvety feel and chrome accents, too.
  1. Bright Alpha Soft Touch Bright with Stylus: everyone loves Alpha, and here it is in a colorful version.
  1. Bright Soft Touch Maya Stylus Tip Pen: this handy trending pen makes it easy to switch from writing to using the stylus tip.

Full Color Imprint Trendy Pens: When More Is More

So, you go to the ice cream shop and you get your scoop, but it’s just not right without some sprinkles on top, right? That is exactly what it’s like adding a full color imprint to your already colorful pens—great by themselves but made even better with a little something extra.

Here are our top three picks:

  1. Bright Soft Touch Darren Stylus Pen: this is a trending pen thanks to its unique twisted barrel that makes gripping even easier.
  1. Full Color Inkjet Soft Touch Iris Pen: the simple but unique cut outs and swooping clip add extra flair to this click-action pen.
  1. Bright Soft Touch Hughes Gel Stylus Pen: a full color imprint and gel ink? This one has it all.

Plastic Bright Pens: When You’re on a Budget

A budget does not a boring pen make, people! These colorful pens are made of plastic, which cuts down on the cost, but not the effectiveness of their promotional powers.

Here are our top three picks:

Soft Touch Poppy Penit’s a party in a pen! This trendy pen also comes with a soft touch “rubberized” texture.

White Jigsaw Pen with Colored Triminstead of a colorful barrel, the Jigsaw has a clean matching base and colorful pops on the clip and grip.

Design Wrap Colorama Pen with Woven Gripfor maximum impact, your message wraps around the barrel of the Colorama.

These bright pens add a bit of happiness to your promotions, and to your recipients’ days, which everyone can use right about now. Happy promoting!

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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