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How Coffee Shops Can Celebrate National Coffee Day

If you own a coffee shop, you’re probably aware that you own a second home to all the studying students, aspiring screenwriters, and 4-cups-a-day regulars in your area. Your relationship with them is just as special as their order—extra pumps, substitutions, and all. So, when National Coffee Day comes around, it’s time to celebrate with everyone who calls your coffee shop home. Here are some of the ways you can make National Coffee Day an event that new and loyal customers will love.

National Coffee Day Giveaway

The thrill of winning a giveaway is unparalleled. Offer me the mere possibility of a bag of my favorite coffee beans and I’m tagging friends, commenting, sharing—whatever you want. And if I win? You’ve made a customer for life. I feel comfortable admitting this because I know I’m not alone. That’s the power of a giveaway. With just a bag of grounds, a branded mug, and a free drink, you can stir up an espresso-level buzz on social media that brings a crowd of people into your café for National Coffee Day. 

National Coffee Day Latte

What is a barista but an artist who works in the medium of coffee? Use this event to work your magic and brew an extra special concoction for National Coffee Day. Let your customers know they can enjoy this tasty drink for one day only. That way they’ll be sure to come in for the rare treat. 

Specialty Merchandise

This is as much a holiday for coffee lovers as it is for coffee makers. Celebrate by creating a specialty coffee mug wishing patrons a Happy Coffee Day, Merry Coffee Day, National Coffee Day, or TGICD (Thank God It’s Coffee Day). Your custom design will be loved as often as it’s used. Here are a few customer-favorite coffee mugs that you can add your personal touch to. 

Design Wrap 11 oz. Ceramic Mug

If you’re as much of a regular artist as you are a coffee artist, you’ll love this design wrap mug. It allows you to have your art wrapped around the mug for a fully customized display. You can also choose from over 99 art templates in our customizer and simply add your name and logo. 

14 oz. Stainless Steel Noe Camp Mug with Lid

This look has grown in popularity in recent years and is certainly one of the trendiest mugs you can put your name on. The double-wall, stainless steel construction with vacuum-sealing lid keeps drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold for up to 16 hours. That means your iced mochas and hot lattes will taste just the way you want them to every time customers use your custom mug. 

15 oz. Ceramic Scouts Campfire Mug

Another popular coffee mug design is the speckled look. These mugs combine the classic look of enamel camp mugs with the quality heft of ceramic. The result is a perfectly cozy mug that’s sure to be the top-pick of the cabinet. 

Britebrand™ 18 oz. Double-Wall Stainless Steel Liza Tumbler

Give customers what they need to take their cup of Joe to go. These 18 oz. travel mugs are made with double-wall, vacuum-sealed stainless steel and a spill-resistant lid. You can add your logo in full color for big impact that goes with their large drinks. 

Any of these options will help you connect with your customers over a shared love of the liquid that helps the world go ‘round. And in the end, isn’t that what National Coffee Day is all about? Tag us with your personalized coffee mugs on Facebook or Instagram so we can share the inspiration and encourage more people to shop (and sip) local.  

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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