Advertise 365 Days Per Year with Custom Calendars for 2022

What’s new in 2022? Well, given the last couple of years, we think it’s safe to assume that 2022 will bring its own twists and turns for us to navigate. And we shall! The equally and perhaps more important question: What’s not new in 2022? We’d say, just to name a few perennials, and to (kind of) quote Benjamin Franklin: Death. And taxes. And to add one more to the list: the Gregorian Calendar. If you’re looking to invest in custom calendars for 2022, we’d say, that’s a good bet! 

Whether it’s a desk calendar, wall calendar, magnet calendar, pocket planner, or other, dates get referenced daily across the planet. Why not attach your name to this life-long daily ritual? If you’re looking for the best custom calendars to keep your name top of mind throughout the ups, downs, and constants of 2022, look no further than our curated selections below!

Your Brand Sticks Around with Calendar Magnets

Refrigerators and filing cabinets: what do these seemingly differing vessels have in common? Why, an often-magnetic exterior, of course! Perfect for displaying your messaging on a custom 2022 magentic calendar. We like these:     

  • Nature Monthly Magnetic Calendar Pad with Pen: When you include a pen with your calendar gift, you can be sure it gets put to use right from the jump. Whether your customer’s jotting down an important reminder or checking a date, your messaging stays top of mind and close at hand on this customized magnetic calendar with pen.
  • Design Wrap Jumbo Calendar Magnets: Instead of a holiday card, send customers an jumbo-sized magnet calendar for the fridge or filing cabinet. Your gift gives your small business visibility much longer than just during the season of giving—12 months longer, to be exact. Perfect for direct mail, customer service counters, and as a leave-behind, this bright and cheerful calendar magnet is a breath of fresh air throughout the year.

Your Name’s on Parade Every Day with Personalized Pocket Planners

A small parade, perhaps. But if it’s referenced daily and contains all the important dates, times, lists, and action items that make up your recipient’s “day in the life,” it’s a good product to attach your small business to. For the best custom calendars in the pocket planner purview, consider these: 

  • Soft Touch Pocket Planner: Screens, screens everywhere, but we still love a good old fashioned pocket planner. When you write it down, it just hits different. Customize this one for your best customers. Sophisticated and professional, this personalized pocket calendar is the finishing touch to a customer meeting or special event.
  • Valoy Desk Calendars: The perfect size to integrate with any desk, and the right price for generous distribution among your target audience.

For a Room Full of Visibility, the Custom Wall Calendar Is Your Best Billboard

The “surround sound” of calendars remains the wall calendar, hanging as it does for all to see, and usually featuring aesthetically-pleasing visuals and inspiring quotes that draw the attention of recipients and their visitors as well. When you choose a wall calendar for your custom 2022 calendar, you’re likely to see your name displayed next to a world-famous landmark, jaw-dropping nature scene, or unbearably cute baby animal. If your preference is a wall calendar, choose one of these crowd-pleasers: 

  • Reflections Wall Calendar: This serene wall calendar includes a scenic image and inspirational quote for every month, and displays your messaging prominently along the bottom border.

A Few More Custom Calendars that Pack a Punch

Both of these 2022 custom calendars include an additional feature that makes them more likely to be kept handy. Check out these choice options: 

  • Value Stick Business Monthly Wall Calendars: With a sticky back that’ll adhere to almost any surface, this monthly wall calendar is easy to hang wherever it’s most useful, including a cabinet, door, bookshelf, or wall.

The Best Custom Calendar Is the One They Use

When you’re looking to advertise your logo or slogan, school, small business, non-profit, or special event on a custom calendar in 2022, your best bet is to pick a calendar that’s well made and appeals to many.

Our calendars are designed and formatted to be attractive to look at and easy to read at a glance. They include major holidays from Christmas to Hannukah, Presidents’ Day to Juneteenth. You can be sure your recipients will feel confident referencing your custom calendar gift all year long.

Check out our complete collection of customized calendars and start the new year off with your name on walls, desks, and in pockets and purses everywhere. Cheers to 2022! 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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