Small Business Week Ideas: How to Celebrate as Owners & Customers

Small businesses help shape and enhance the personality of our communities. They understand the needs of the neighborhoods we live in and are part of what make them great. That’s why it’s so important to use Small Business Week as an opportunity to finally say ‘thank you’ to these beloved establishments.

Officially, the national Small Business Week that usually lasts for one week from May 4 to May 9 has been postponed, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still celebrate it! Whether you own a small business and want to create a way for customers to celebrate this special week with you, or you simply want to show your appreciation for the boutique services that add color to your daily life, we’ll share ideas that will help you highlight Small Business Week.

Obviously, right now, with many needing to shelter in place, communities may not be able to celebrate in the way they’d prefer. But showing support for small businesses is needed now more than ever. So let’s cover how you can safely celebrate small businesses from home.

6 Ways for Consumers to Celebrate Small Business Week

1. Buy Gift Cards

If you can’t go get a haircut from your favorite salon right now, get a gift card. This will help them in the meantime, and it’s something you’re sure to use as soon as you’re able.

2. Order Local This Month

You can celebrate Small Business Month by committing to shopping local through the month of May. If there’s something you need, like books for the kids or something comfy to wear around the house, ask if there are small businesses you could get these items from. Many businesses are now taking their stores online or allowing you to make phone purchases.

When it comes to food, treat yourself every once in a while to pick-up or delivery from local restaurants. You can even spread the word about those businesses by tagging the restaurant in a picture of your food on Instagram with the hashtags #SupportSmallBusiness and #SmallBusinessWeek.

3. Start a Shop Local Challenge on Your Social Media

Take a picture of something you bought from a local small business recently, and share it with your audience. Tag three other people in the picture and challenge them to #ShopLocal for Small Business Week. Keep the good vibes going.

4. Pay It Forward

Spread the word about Small Business Week and spread some much needed joy at the same time by paying for the coffee of the person in line behind you at your local drive-thru coffee spot. Tell the barista to let them know it’s in celebration of Small Business Week. You can do the same thing by buying and having lunch delivered to a friend in honor of Small Business Week, and encouraging them to pay it forward for their favorite small businesses.

5. Nominate a Business for a Small Business Award

Most local and state governments have awards for small businesses. Many local publications also highlight the best businesses with awards. There are often many specific categories that you can choose from, like women-owned businesses, veteran-owned businesses, or minority-owned businesses. Your nomination can be a great way to bring awareness about that business to those who haven’t heard of it yet. Do some online research to find what small business awards are accepting nominations in your area.

6. Highlight Local Small Businesses Online

Organizations with local audiences should use their social media to highlight local small businesses. Many schools, for example, have been highlighting small businesses within their community on their Instagram posts. Consider devoting one post or story every Saturday in May to showcase a local small business. It’s like a month-long Small Business Saturday!

4 Ways for Owners to Celebrate Small Business Week

1. Small Business Month Offers

To celebrate Small Business Month with your customers, create special offers or discounts for each of the five Saturdays in May. This will attract more business and be a way for you to thank the loyal customers who make your small business possible.

2. Create an Exclusive Product or Service for Small Business Month

A great way to commemorate Small Business Month is to offer something special that will exclusively be available for that month. For example, you can have a signature drink named after your business or a special printed shirt or hat designed to celebrate your business. This gives customers a way to support and represent their favorite business in a new way.

3. Partner with Other Small Businesses to Give Back to the Community

By partnering with other small businesses, you can create ways to support the community and show the value in shopping local. Consider a small business give-back with every purchase, such as for every large latte customers buy, you’ll donate 5% of the profits to a food bank. You can highlight that you and your fellow small businesses pooled together to raise funds and contribute to a worthy cause. Plus, those other small businesses will be promoting your business to their audience, and vice versa!

4. Say Thank You with Every Purchase

However you celebrate, just take some time to acknowledge the small businesses in your life, whether you’re a proud owner or loyal customer. That’s what this week is all about! How will you honor small businesses in May? Tag us in your #SmallBusinessWeek posts on Facebook or Instagram so we can share those ideas.

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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