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9 Ways to Support Small Local Businesses from Your Home

It’s no secret that small businesses are struggling right now during the pandemic, which leaves so many of us feeling hopeless. There is still so much you can do to show your love and support of small businesses, like these nine ideas.

Top Ways to Support Small Business during COVID-19

1. Check If They’re Open

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning: call local businesses to see if they’re still open. It may surprise you which businesses are still open or operating under limited hours. If you’re comfortable doing so and you are not under a shelter-in-place order, put on a face mask and visit.

If their brick and mortar is closed, visit their website.

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2. Buy Gift Cards to Use Later

Small businesses need cash flow now, and when you purchase gift cards, you’re making an impact immediately. Consider buying gift cards now for future Christmas gifts, too—look at you checking off your list in spring!

3. Opt for Delivery or Pick-Up

Many states and cities are under shelter-in-place orders, which means local businesses are pivoting to delivery and pick-up options. Restaurant delivery and takeout automatically comes to mind, but many other businesses are offering those services as well. Call your local favorite hardware stores, beauty supply, and gift shops to see how you can get your goods delivered.

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4. Leave Positive Reviews

People often find new businesses to try based on online reviews. Now’s the time to give your frequented stores and restaurants 5-star reviews. They’ll help them now, and of course, in the future when business picks up again. If your favorite review platform is down right now, see our next tip.

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5. Spread the Word

While you’re at it, share your review on social media. That way, you’re amplifying the reach of your post and giving the small business free PR. People are much more likely to try a company their friend or family recommends.

6. Take Any Online Courses or Workshops

Businesses are getting creative when it comes to connecting with customers while social distancing. Restaurants are offering free online cooking classes, gyms are doing live workouts. Take part in whatever they’re offering and if you can spare some change, donate to show your appreciation. Make sure to give any feedback to the local business as well so they can improve their offering.

7. Practice Gratitude

Many of us have more time on our hands all of a sudden, and filling it by showing appreciation is one way to spend it positively. Show your support for small businesses by sending thank you cards. Tell them what you miss about their business, or what they do best. This small act will make a huge difference, promise.

8. Continue to Pay for Services

If you’re able to, consider continuing to pay for services, even if can’t use them at this time. Reach out to the small business to see what sort of payment structure you can set up—even if you’re paying 20% of the typical cost, it can help tremendously.

9. Donate What You Can

This doesn’t have to be money, necessarily. Offer to donate supplies or goods. The ultimate donation? Your time. Small business owners are typically strapped for time, and will be even more so if they’ve had to lay off employees. Offer your expertise, whether it’s marketing, accounting, or stocking shelves.

Are You Open for Business?

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The health and happiness of small business owners is so near and dear to our hearts at, and we hope these ideas will help you show your support of local businesses.

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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