Christmas Pens this Holiday Season: Frosted & Christmas Themes

Christmas 2020 will undoubtedly be unique—as unique as the rest of this spinning top, rolling dice of a year. And personalized Christmas pens and holiday pens can help round out the year with our heads held high!

For some of us, especially those who live close to family, Christmas traditions may look similar this year, if more safety-focused. Will everyone take turns at the mashed potatoes? Or will Mom pre-plate all the food while wearing a mask and face shield and serve her family, strategically positioned six feet apart on the patio? For me, this will be the first year since my teenagers were born that we won’t be spending Christmas with my parents. They live too far to drive, are too old to take risks, and flying doesn’t feel right. So….

My kids and I will be checking out things we can do within a few hours’ drive that will facilitate our avoiding any attempt to recreate a Christmas that only “Gramma” can manifest. We may end up at a hotel on the coast for the night, ordering room service and watching big screen T.V.s. The pomp, circumstance, and sacred traditions will be safely preserved until 2021, or a vaccine—whichever comes first.

However, a few traditions are not going anywhere, rain or shine, pandemic or not. One is Christmas socks. They shall be filled! The other is gifts. They shall be wrapped and opened on December 25!

Wondering how this relates to customized Christmas pens? We’re so close…

For small businesses Christmas will look different as well. For most, social distancing, temperature checks, masks, mandatory telecommuting, and other contact precautions make interactions different at best, strained at worst. Connecting with customers is more meaningful than ever when transactions are limited and rules surrounding them are changing regularly.

One way to keep simple traditions going and customer connections solid this holiday season is to offer personalized Christmas Pens and holiday pens. They’re affordable, they’re festive, and they send good vibes as we prepare to bid 2020 adieu. When times are changing, it’s nice to have a few things stay the same. 🙂

Have Fun Picking the Perfect Personalized Holiday Pen

Our favorite Christmas pens are high on cheer and low on cost. Because though we just know 2021 is going to be better, we’re not there yet and pennies are being pinched. Check out these winners:

Paragon Pen – Holiday Designs: This elegant option is pretty close to perfect, taking as it does our best-selling promotional pen and snazzing it up with a subtle Christmas icon on the barrel. An elegant nod to the season, and a perennial showcase for your branding, laser engraved in silver on the barrel.

Britebrand™ Colorama Pen: This promotional pen allows you to fully customize the barrel, starting with the background design and finishing with your logo, slogan, or holiday messaging. The price is right for broad distribution like a community direct mail campaign or a point-of-sell gift.

Britebrand™ Contour Pen: Featuring a generous barrel size and cozy rubber grip, this pen’s barrel is wrapped with your holiday template and customized with your branding.

Britebrand™ Contour Pen with Stylus: This one takes the winning Contour Pen and adds a stylus for safe swiping on shared screens this holiday season!

Britebrand™ Matte Metallic Colorama Pen: Add some extra shine to your Christmas pen giveaway with this gem, featuring a full-wrap barrel and metallic trim to boot!

Britebrand™ Colorama Pen with Antimicrobial Additive: Even Santa’s playing it safe this holiday season, so your customers should too! This pen has a special additive that prevents fungi, bacteria, yeasts, and algae from growing, suppresses the growth of microbes, and won’t wear off through the years. Every Christmas list should be written with one of these!

Britebrand™ Contour Pen with Antimicrobial Additive: Ergonomic grip, wrapped with your branding, and antimicrobial too. A Christmas miracle? Perhaps!

Britebrand™ Antimicrobial Contour Pen with Frosted Trim: Jack Frost, Santa Claus, and all things Christmas deserve the frosted trim on this full color, antimicrobial pen!

Personalized Christmas Pens are a Slam Dunk for the Season of Saint Nick

Whether it’s the antimicrobial additive for extra protection, the integrated stylus for safe swiping on touch screens, or the uplifting, wrap-around barrel designs, your customized Christmas pen will help you connect with your customers over the holidays and into the awesome new year.

A Few Tips

With any luck my kids and I will create a few new traditions this Christmas, while hanging onto the ones that count. Let us know how your small business spreads cheer this Christmas. We’ll see you on Instagram and Facebook, and skating behind Santa’s sleigh. 😉

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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