Need a Light? Top 5 Flashlight Giveaways by Type

First, man made fire. Then, he realized he’d have to do it again, and it was a real bummer. Millions of years and many inventions later, we got flashlights. But that’s not where the innovations end. There are tons of flashlight types that prove nifty in all kinds of situations, including when promoting your brand. The key to knowing which flashlight giveaways are best, is to really know your customer. Let’s cover the types of flashlight promotional items you can choose from, and which ones your customers will love most.

Top 5 Types of Flashlight Giveaways

1. Custom Light Bars

If you’re in the tech or auto repair industries, you likely know how convenient light bars are. Just as you use utility bars to inspect hard to view places, your customers find these flashlight giveaways helpful as well.

Many auto shops like handing out the Light Bar. Customers can keep it in their garage or glove box. Then if they have an issue, they can pop the hood, grab your custom light bar, and check out the problem. If it seems like it calls for a professional, having your company phone number on the flashlight will save the day.

Best-selling Custom Light Bars:

2. Personalized Lanterns

Do you have a company that specializes in outdoor living and activities like camping, cabins, or travel? Personalized lanterns are the perfect on-brand offering. Whether customers need them for their trip or take them home as a useful souvenir, personalized lanterns are a stylish way to add an ambience of light to campsites and wilderness adventures.

3. Custom Keychain Flashlights

If you’re looking for types of flashlights that work for any brand, go with custom keychain flashlights. These giveaways are small enough to attach to keys, but bright enough to illuminate the sidewalk, beneath car seats, or whatever customers need them for. Plus, these come with a range of options, including:

4. Custom Flashlight Pens

Built-in flashlight pens are another flashlight type that can be used to promote any business. These combination pens with flashlights provide convenient dual use for customers. There are even 3-in-1 Stylus Flashlight Pens that offer touch-free use on tech devices. Whether you use these to promote your doctor’s office or your home inspection business, recipients will love showing off their unique flashlight pens.

5. Standard Personalized Flashlights

Standard flashlights are an essential appliance that everyone needs in their home in case of emergency. That makes them the ideal branded giveaway for residents of your apartment or senior living complex, or even to promote your home owner’s insurance agency. Choose from small, medium, or large standard flashlights.


However you choose to promote with flashlight giveaways, your customers will appreciate the brightness these gifts add to their day. Show us how you’re branding with flashlights on Facebook or Instagram.

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