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Church Gift Ideas to Keep New Members Coming Back

Everybody loves free stuff. Obviously, gifts and swag shouldn’t be the main reason we go to church; the spiritual and community connections are and should always be our main motivation. However, a nice gift basket or church welcome packet may be the reason people decide to go to YOUR church over others in the area. Even if you don’t need the extra help boosting attendance in your local parish, a welcome gift is always a good way to help newcomers feel accepted and excited about joining your community. That’s why we’ve put together our list of top church gift ideas for welcoming new members and visitors. 

How to Welcome Newcomers and Visitors

When coming to a new congregation, visitors can sometimes feel a little nervous. Much like coming to a new school or new workplace, newcomers can feel like outsiders and be unsure of themselves, especially if they don’t already have community connections or friends in the area. So, whether they’re visitors passing through or people who have just moved into the area, it’s important to take the initiative to help them feel welcome starting on day one. So, beyond finding the best church visitor gifts, here are a few things to keep in mind with your initial interaction: 

  1. Don’t start a line: While some people are very social, being swarmed by the entire congregation at once can scare off more timid newcomers. Instead of everyone lining up to welcome them to the flock, it can help to have just the congregation leader or a welcoming committee member approach and orient the visitors first before the rest of the congregation joins in socializing.
  1. Have resources ready: Does your church have clubs or activity groups? Special services like childcare or food banks? Special meetings or gatherings during the week? Put together a pamphlet or flyer with all the details newcomers need to know to fully participate in your church activities.
  1. Be mindful of their time: Sometimes people are just passing through and want to hear a wholesome, Sunday message. Other people might be in the middle of moving to the area and have a lot to do at home. Either way, it’s often best to keep your welcome conversation short and sweet so they can decide if they want to stay and socialize or grab their cookies and pamphlet and head out.
  1. Be open: Are the newcomers not of your faith? Are they visitors from another city just passing through? Are they not of your congregations’ usual demographic? While not every visitor will turn into a long-time member, you can do a lot of good by being open and friendly to anyone who visits, regardless of their culture or religion. This will also make it easier for members to invite their own non-member friends and relatives to join them during services and partake in your message.

Best Church Welcome Ideas

Not sure what gifts are going to make the best impact? Here are a few ideas to roll out the red carpet for newcomers without breaking your church budget.  

Mrs. Fields® Hot Chocolate Bomb with Mug & Cookies

Obviously, you can’t expect to have fresh-baked lemon squares ready every week for newcomers (and you know the regulars would eat them all even if you did!) But some pre-packaged hot chocolate bombs, cookies, or small candies can be a small and sweet gesture that are easily kept available at a moment’s notice. 

Good Value® Front Runner Cap

When you know a newcomer is here to stay, a fun way to help them feel part of the congregation can be custom-printed attire. After all, why make them wait for the church barbecue for them to start dressing like family? Things like hats, hoodies, t-shirts, and other clothing items with your church’s name and a special message can help those new members feel like one of the flock in an instant.  

Bookmark – Inspirational

Whether they’re joining long-term or just dropping by, you never know when someone needs a little scripture to get them through the week. A cute card or bookmark with a spiritual message or uplifting passage is a great way to help visitors click spiritually with your church. 

Design Wrap Color Accent Duet Highlighter Pen

 Many people like to highlight scriptures or write in the margins while doing their own scripture study. So, what better way to encourage a little scripture time than with your own church pens and highlighters? 

Mabel Notebook & Pen Set

When listening to a particularly good sermon or message, many people like to write down their thoughts and impressions. Offer your newcomers their own custom notebook to encourage them on their own spiritual journeys. 

Macy Spiral Notebook & Colored Pencils Set

If your newcomers have little ones that struggle to sit still through sermons, try offering something special for the kids. This takes the pressure off of the parents to keep their kids entertained, and makes for a quieter atmosphere for everyone else trying to hear the message. 

Essentials 5 oz. Cotton Tote Bag

What’s better than one gift? A bag full of gifts! Even if the bag is empty, your new church members will appreciate a stylish bag branded to your church for carrying their Sunday essentials.  

Need more church gift ideas? You can also read our other blog dedicated to uplifting gifts for expanding your flock

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