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Best Ideas for How to Promote a Tutoring Business for SAT Prep

When it comes to preparing for the SAT, students need all the help they can get. However, if you want to be the one to help them, you need to be on your game getting your name in front of the right people at the right time. If you’re looking into how to promote a tutoring business, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for our best tips to get your business seen and selected when the time comes for SAT prep season to start. 

How to Target Your Local SAT Prep Market

How you go about marketing can depend greatly on who you’re marketing to, and what you’re offering. Are you a tutor offering one-on-one prep, or are you a tutoring business with a host of trained tutors? Are you selling to individual students, or are you marketing toward school administrators and districts? When trying to decide how to market your business, always keep in mind who will be the one making the decision to hire you. What are they looking for, and where would they look?  

When you put together your marketing strategy, don’t just think about what you offer. Think about what you offer that your competition doesn’t. Are you able to provide more personal attention? More expertise? More flexible scheduling? New techniques? Show off what makes you different from other test prep options. 

How to Advertise Tutoring All Year Long

You don’t have to wait until the test is looming large to start promoting your test prep service. Some common places you can advertise your tutoring services online are on social media pages for parents, school districts, and the cities within your radius. Use fliers on school noticeboards and other public areas as well to catch the attention of students and their parents. Reach out to school newsletters to run your advertisement, and ask permission to present to classes about the importance of SAT prep. 

For advertisements that run themselves, promotional products can be a great way to stay top of mind with your audience all year long. Giveaways and gifts like keychains, pens, pencils, notebooks, bags, and drinkware can be used all year long and beyond, serving as a constant reminder and referral to your business. Even if customers aren’t interested when they first take your gift, your brand on promotional items will be ready and waiting in their home for when the SAT becomes closer and more urgent to them. 

Tips to Be the Best SAT Prep Tutor and Gain Referrals

While every tutor has their own approach, it’s always best to keep on top of the latest study techniques and tutoring methods. You should also study the test well and make sure you’re able to be a qualified tutor to your students. says that you should be scoring 150+ points more than your students to be able to effectively teach them. You can do this by studying the test, learning the format, and researching resources to help you master each section. 

It’s also important to learn how to keep your students motivated. For students who are scoring lower than they want, it’s common for them to feel discouraged, and even claim to be “too stupid” and give up. While it’s good to emphasize the importance of a good score, you should also make sure your students understand that their score is not a reflection of their intelligence, only a reflection of their test-specific knowledge.  

Students who are too stressed are also unable to think critically and clearly, so it’s important to help students find ways to handle the stress and stay as relaxed as possible while studying and taking the test. This can include having snacks during study times, practicing breathing techniques, choosing comfortable clothing for the test, and more. Students who have a less stressful experience are also more likely to refer your services to their peers and to parents. 

Find the Best Promotional Gifts for Tutors

Pens and Pencils

Full Color Soft Touch Accent Gel Stylus Pen 

Talk about relaxing, the smooth feel of gel ink on paper is a great way to bring some sensory fun to your studying. Your students will love the comfort rubber grip, classy cap closure, and trendy stylus end that is color-matched to the trim. Plus, your business will stay top of mind with every use thanks to the full color imprint on the barrel. 

Design Wrap Colorama Stylus Pen with Color Grip 

Looking for a giveaway that’s entirely you? This trendy stylus pen is customizable with 99+ free design templates for the barrel, or you can use your own art! Switch between pen and stylus with a single click, and enjoy trendy color options for the grip and trim that will make your brand unforgettable. 

Hexagon Pencil 

A classic gift for any student, these trendy number two pencils can carry your brand all the way into the testing hall! Choose a color that pops and add your unique branding to be imprinted on the side. Order in bulk so every student and potential customer can carry home a reminder of the best SAT prep tutor in town. 


Eco 8.6″ x 6.5″ Kraft Spiral Notebook and Pen 

Made with recycled paper and waiting for your full color imprint, this pen and notebook set make the perfect giveaway team for your tutoring business. Perfect for notes, doodles, and whatever else will get your students through the SAT prep process. Style with your unique full color imprint on the front for branding that pops! 

Impact Accent Notebook

If you really want to catch the eye of your current and future students, this color-popping notebook will stand out no matter where you put it. Enjoy 50 sheets of lined PCW (recycled) paper with every notebook, perfect for note taking, studying, and more. Add your unique branding on the front for an unforgettable gift your students will keep close. 


3-in-1 Chrissy Tote Bag & Backpack 

Fits in your pocket but carries everything? This bag can be a tote bag, a backpack, and a student’s best friend when it comes to SAT studying. Fill it with notebooks, pens, water bottles, fun snacks, and anything else that makes study time fun time. Water resistant and full of your brand, this bag has it all for your tutoring business. 

Messenger Bag with Matching Striped Handle 

What better way to carry your message to students than with a branded messenger bag? These trendy carry-ons are stylish enough that students might study just for the bag! Full of pockets and space, plus a mesh pocket for a water bottle, these bags are sure to be a big hit with the students and their friends, putting your brand right at the center of it all. 

Tornado Deluxe Backpack 

Offer the full package with a trendy backpack perfect for students. When students flaunt this trendy bag around the cafeteria, your brand will be seen and admired by their peers. Choose a color and enjoy an embroidered imprint front and center for your custom brand. With bags like these, being smart and SAT ready is in style.


32 oz. Translucent Flip Top Water Bottle 

Hydrated students are smarter students, and these water bottles make hydration look good! Colorful and convenient, these flip top water bottles will easily become the go-to for all sorts of in and out of school activities. The more your students hydrate, the more people will see your brand. 

22 oz. Eli Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug 

Hydration doesn’t have to be all about the water. With this trendy stainless steel vacuum-insulated travel mug, your students can keep hydrated on the go with lemonade, hot chocolate, or any drink that they want insulated against the weather. You can also pass these trendy mugs out at PTA meetings with coffee for the parents who need a caffeine boost and a way to get their kids ready for the SAT. 

Getting your name out there is all about finding the strategy that works for you. Whether you’re passing out pens in the math lab or sharing coffee and cups at your local PTA meetings, a tutor’s work never ends. Learn how to promote a tutoring business with the very best tips, tricks, and promotional giveaways we have to offer. 


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