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Taste Success With Your Own Custom Promotional Candy

We talk a lot about creating an experience for your customers and using the 5 senses to do it. One of our favorite senses to incorporate? Taste! The fastest way to your customers’ hearts may well be through yummy treats. To celebrate National Candy Month, learn how to use your sweet tooth to connect with customers. Check out our tips for marketing with candy, as well as our list of promotional candies you can customize. 

How to Promote With Candy

No matter what your dietary lifestyle and needs, everyone has a sweet tooth of some kind. It’s a biological imperative that we seek out sweet things, and our brains reward us with bursts of dopamine when we do. Taste also connects deeply to our memory because back when food was scarce, when you found something that tasted good, it was important to remember how to get more. Companies can take advantage of that by pairing their brand with sweet treats, creating happy mouths, minds, and memories with every giveaway. But what candy should you use, and how? 

First, consider your branding. Mints and chocolates are great for when you want to appeal to adults in a professional setting. Meetings, professional gifting, and big first impressions are all made sweeter with the subtle colors and rich flavors of personalized mints and chocolate truffles. Children, however, are all about the colors and sugar, making lollipops and jelly beans a big hit in pediatric services across industries. 

You should also think about when and how they will enjoy these treats. Will they be taking their generous gift box home? Tucking their trendy and convenient tin into their purse for travel? Taking secret bites of chocolate bar through a long meeting? When you match your delivery to the circumstance, customers are more able to enjoy their treat and your branding. 

Guide to Promotional Candy

I cannot emphasize enough how this is not a comprehensive list of the custom candy we offer. It’s not even a comprehensive list of my favorites, but it is a quick peek into some of the candy types and tastes you can bring to your branding. Prepare to feel like a kid in a candy factory as we go through these mouth-watering custom chocolate bars, truffles, mints, candy tins, and more. For even more options, check out the custom candies on our site! 

Custom Candy

Whether they’re in trendy little tins or wrapped up in branded wrappers, these tasty treats are colorful, flavorful, and are sure to leave an impression on any customer. They don’t melt, so they’re perfect for tradeshows and outdoor events. Order a lot – people are going to be coming back for seconds! 

Small Tin with Candy – Full Color

This tin is bursting with flavor and color, packed to the brim with tasty candies that your customers will love. This tasty rainbow isn’t just for kids, either – you can pass these out at trade shows, send them with sales professionals, and more! Make sure to keep a few of these by the front desk as well. After all, who will be bothered by a long wait when they have these to snack on? 

Hard Candy Balls

These tasty little packets are packaged with your brand and easy to send anywhere. Send them in the mail, staple them to paperwork, or tuck them into giveaway bags for a sweet surprise. However you share them, customers are sure to love them for their taste and flair. Choose your flavor, upload your logo, and enjoy a better branding experience for your customers.

Domed Tin-Jelly Belly®

Renowned for their fun and unique flavors, these custom Jelly Belly candies are a delicious way to promote your brand. Perfect for customers of all ages, these trendy tins come packed with nostalgia and crazy flavors that nobody can forget. Add your brand to the tin for the perfect giveaway for any occasion. 

Ad Pop Lollipop

Lollipops aren’t just for the brave boys and girls at the doctor’s office, they’re for everyone! Order for a flavorful pack of colorful custom lollipops individually wrapped for easy distribution. Keep them at the front desk, principal’s office, or anywhere that you need a little something to sweeten up an experience. You can also get junior sized versions for a tastefully tiny treat. 

Custom Chocolates

Looking for something on the luxurious side of the candy aisle? These rich custom chocolates are the perfect brand ambassadors to reach your customers’ hearts through their stomachs. The perfect gift, giveaway, and complementary treat, these are just a few of the amazing custom chocolate options you can find on our site. 

Andes Thins

The perfect package of mint and dark chocolate in every bite, Andes mints are my personal favorite comfort treat. Not too sugary, and leaves a refreshing minty taste in the mouth that lingers, these high quality chocolates are an excellent treat to leave on a pillow, fill a bowl on your desk, offer after a filling meal, and so much more.  

Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars 

Your own custom bite of silky smooth chocolate, these snack-sized candy bars are perfect for holiday celebrations, party treats, event giveaways, and more. Perfect for picky eaters, your customers, clients, and employees can enjoy the simple pleasures of unadorned chocolate to eat however they like. 

Large Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bars 

Looking for the perfect birthday treat, a simple employee reward, or something to elevate your customer gift package? These rich and silky chocolate bars are perfect for any occasion. Brand with your own logo and super fun design to make it all your own. Take these to the campground for smores, or send them home with your favorite customers, just make sure to save a few for yourself! 

Golden Box of Godiva Sweets

Oh boy, your customers have really hit the jackpot with this one. A luxurious golden box display filled with an assortment of rich Godiva brand chocolate treats… If this doesn’t earn you some 5-star reviews, I don’t know what will. Topped with your unique branding, no client or customer can help but be impressed by this indulgent gift. If you like this, check out our other candy gift boxes in our candy selection!

Custom Mints

Did you know that peppermint helps with an upset stomach? That makes mints the perfect gift for customers that are facing queasy stomachs from boat or helicopter tours, long plane rides, or a high-stakes meeting, these treats are the perfect way to help settle the nerves and their digestion in a way anyone can appreciate. 


Tasty little puffs of mint, these buttermints are a classic candy for any company to offer. Fun for restaurants, hotels, and pretty much anybody else who likes happiness, your customers will love the cute colors just as much as the gentle minty flavor. Packed in portable packets with your branding, these can go in your customer’s pocket, purse, or directly into their mouth the moment you’re not looking. 

Cylinder Mint Case – Full Color

What is it about candy in a cylinder that somehow feels futuristic? It’s sleek, it’s convenient, it pours easily into your palm, and it’s shaped like a time capsule for flavor. Perfect for tech companies and anyone who wants to stand out with their trendy treats, this cylinder mint case is the perfect combination of professional convenience and tasty fun.

Domed Tin – Sugar-Free Peppermint MicroMints®

Itty bitty mints in a trendy tin, what’s better than that? Branded tins make great collectables that customers can reuse, keeping your brand close to home. On top of that, these tasty sugarfree mints are great for those looking to indulge that sweet tooth without the sugar. Perfect for dentists, clinics, offices, and more, these sugar free sweets make a great health-conscious giveaway. 

Slider Tin with Printed Mints/Full Color

Swipe right for tasty branding! These cute little mints literally have your logo printed on them for maximum branding with every bite. On top of that, this trendy tin has a sliding cap for easy and discrete access to treats, perfect for working professionals that need that little something extra to keep them going through the day. 

Hungry yet? There are so many options for promotional candies that your customers can enjoy along with your brand. Giving chocolates, mints, and other fun treats are a great way to connect with your clients and customers in a way that brings immediate satisfaction. Find the treat that calls to you the most and order extra for yourself! Because let’s face it, you’re not going to be able to resist taking at least one from the gift pile when your order comes in. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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