Brand Highlight: Under Armour

As a powerful leader in the athletics industry, Under Armour®’s history stands apart from other brands from the beginning. From day one, it was built through close interactions with the most elite athletes in the country. Their products, as a result, are made to deliver a powerful impression of high-performance and globally-relevant style that professional athletes can count on. So how does that help you? We’re here to highlight Under Armour as one of our premium brands that offer quality promotional products for you to personalize with your logo.  

History of the Under Armour Brand

Under Armour started as many companies do; when someone has a problem that nobody else can fix. This time it was a former University of Maryland college football player named Kevin Plank, who, according to an article by Fox Business, was tired of sweating through his shirts during practice. He worked to create a fabric that would help him stay cool and dry through workouts, and finally in 1996 he came out with “the shorty,” as Under Armour calls it. It was a short, stretchy, form-fitting shirt that wicked up sweat without being heavy, perfect for the intense activity of major athletes. 

He maxed out his cards and leveraged his connections with his old teammates, now in the NFL, to launch a business selling these shirts to athletes. The place Under Armour was founded in was his grandmother’s basement in Washington D.C. He worked his way up to getting an official headquarters in Baltimore, MD. Business Insider goes on to tell how they promoted under the values of “hard work, discipline, and football valor,” emphasized with Under Armour’s famous “We Must Protect This House” TV advertisement in 2003. These core values continued to propel the company forward to the multi-billion-dollar Nike competitor it is today, offering all sorts of apparel and sports gear. 

What Makes Under Armour Special?

Under Armour historically succeeds under two fronts: a dedication to quality and their close connection to professional athletes. In the beginning, it was mainly word-of-mouth among athletes, praising their quality that led to their rapid growth as a business. Their products are designed for and by professional athletes, with Kevin Plank himself still leading as the company’s executive chairman. In an article by HBR, he talks about that essential element in Under Armour history, explaining that his products were and are really targeted for the very best athletes, to perform under the most extreme athletic conditions. This means that his products go above and beyond the needs of the every-day consumer. Customers can continue to see this in Under Armour’s celebrity endorsements, showing the love that major players have for the brand to this day. This level of quality is a major part of what sets them apart from other brands. 

Key Features of Under Armour

The history of Under Armour shows that customers can count on these key features in their products: 

  • Quality: Designed for the best athletes in the country, Under Armour has to offer products that can handle extreme use. That means un-matched durability
  • Style: Products that are used by major athletes can’t just be functional; they need to be fashionable. Athletes need to count on the fact that they will look and perform their best with Under Armour at their side, which means everyday customers can count on the same.
  • Innovation: Under Armour does more than just offer high-quality athletic products; they offer athletic solutions. Their products are designed with the idea of making things more comfortable, more functional, and unique in how they solve the problems faced by top athletes

Popular Under Armour Products You Can Customize

Looking to add the power of Under Armour to your promotions? Here are some popular customizable products that you can share with the benefits of this athletic brand to back it. 

Full Color Under Armour® Large Undeniable 5.0 Duffel Bag

Make it easier to drop by the gym with this stylish and sturdy duffel bag. Packed with pockets, ventilation, and other features, you also get maximum brand visibility with your full color logo printed on the ends. 

Under Armour® 24 oz. Dominate Stainless Steel Bottle

Bold in appearance and ready for action, this water bottle is built with sturdy stainless steel, robust insulation, and an easy-grip design, and a flip-lid opening for hydration that can keep up with your customers’ activity. 

Under Armour® 16 oz. Protégé Stainless Steel Bottle

If you’re looking for something that is easy to use and clean, this bottle can’t be beat. Top-rack dishwasher safe, powerfully insulated with double-wall vacuum insulation, and a lockable pop-up spout offers powerful functionality alongside elite athlete style. 

Under Armour® 24 oz. Draft Grip Bottle

Built for hydration on the go, this water bottle is lightweight, spill-resistant, and easy to carry with a carrying loop and non-slip silicone grip. The lockable lid means no spills in your bag, and the plastic construction makes it light and easy to toss into any bag for any activity. 

Full Color Under Armour® Ozsee Sackpack

This ready-to-run backpack features a soft and sturdy 50-50 nylon-polyester blend, perfect for biking and jogging. A sternum clip keeps the bag close to the body while your customers move, making it stylish and comfortable. 

Full Color Under Armour® 25-Can Backpack Cooler

Any high-quality workout starts and ends with high-quality fuel, and this cooler bag lets customers bring fresh food and drinks on the go. Featuring your custom logo plus a large 25-can capacity, this cooler bag is perfect for packing a big after-workout lunch or drinks for the whole team. 

Full Color Under Armour® Hustle 5.0 TEAM Backpack

Keep up the hustle with this stylish laptop backpack. Perfect for commutes and working on the go, this backpack is water and stain resistant, offers ample storage for water bottles and other essentials, and features a cozy padded sleeve dedicated to your customers’ laptop. 

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