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Skip The Straw Day: Plastic Straw Alternatives for Custom Gifts

February 23 is National Skip the Straw Day, where we all shoot awkward glances at the single-use straws in our kitchen drawers and just drink from an open cup instead. Why? People have become more aware of the damage that single-use plastic has done to our oceans and the creatures living in it. Plastic straws in particular have been put under extra scrutiny for how they can harm animals like sea turtles. But with that awareness comes a certain amount of responsibility, so we’re going to talk about some plastic straw alternatives. Not only do reusable straws let you enjoy the refreshing pleasure of a crisp sip, they also come in fun styles that you can even customize to promote what matters to you. 

Why Do We Even Use Straws?

Did you know that straws started out as biodegradable? And I’m not talking about using a reed as a straw, which was technically the first straw. You can read all about the history of the straw in this delightful article by, but the short version is that it started in 1888 as manila paper (that stuff those yellow folders are made with.) Even the first bendy-straws were paper! It wasn’t until the 60’s that plastic started to replace everything, and straws became immortal. I mean literally immortal – according to the article, every plastic straw made since then still exists! If you think of how many straws you alone have used in your lifetime… that’s a problem. 

So why do we even use plastic straws anymore? The answer is… we’re working on it. Sweeping bans are in progress world-wide to eliminate single-use plastics, and especially plastic straws. Many companies are opting for plastic straw alternatives made from bamboo or other types of bio-degradable material. At this point, finding a workable alternative for your business is a necessity. 

So why do we use straws at all? Well, as with most products we think are made for lazy people, straws are often essential for those with disabilities, particularly muscular disabilities. This includes people who struggle with the strength or control of various muscles in the hands, arms, mouth, and neck. So, while we continue to search for the perfect solution to the issues caused by single-use straws, it is important to remember not to judge those who still ask for straws at restaurants and remember the needs of the disabled community in our search for solutions. 

Plastic Straw Alternatives

While most restaurants and other beverage-based businesses will opt for paper or bio-degradable plastic straw alternatives, every business can help make reusable straw options more available to the general public while keeping their brand visible. Here are a few custom gifts that you can share with customers to improve your branding while helping reduce the presence of single-use straws in our environment. 

Reusable Straws

Straw Kit With Bottle Opener  

Perfect for all of your customers’ on-the-go beverage needs, these portable straw kits make it easy to take a reusable straw anywhere a beverage may appear. Each kit contains a telescoping metal straw with a silicone tip and a straw cleaner. With your custom logo on the front, these cute little containers can clip to a bag, backpack, or keychain, and have a built-in bottle opener on the cap! 

Stainless Steel Straw Kit  

Another on-the-go kit for busy customers, this stainless steel straw comes in a custom branded pouch with its own straw cleaner. Bright colors will make your custom logo pop on the pouch every time customers whip it out for a good time. 

Stainless Straw Kit with Cotton Pouch 

Don’t want to put plastic alongside your stainless steel straws? This straw kit takes things up a notch with a soft cotton carrying pouch! Customers will love that stylishly natural fabric with your custom logo printed on the front.  

Reusable Water Bottles

32 oz. Translucent Flip Top Water Bottle  

Cut down on both single-use straws AND single-use water cups with this stylish water bottle! Lightweight and easy to carry, this water bottle features a flip top spout that makes it easy to drink on the go. 

Columbia® 25 oz. Tritan™ Water Bottle with Straw Top  

Still missing a straw? No problem! This reusable water bottle has a built-in straw that makes it easy to stay hydrated with no spills, and no bottle tipping. Made with shatter-resistant Tritan™ plastic, this water bottle lets customers drink with confidence. 

Engraved Iron° Flask 22 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle 

Offer customers a custom bottle that gives them all of the options, with a robust insulation that keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24. Each bottle comes with 3 different types of lids, including two that have built-in straw options for a satisfying sipping experience. 

Tumblers With Built-In Straws

22 oz. Ewan Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw  

Another stainless-steel solution, this heavily insulated tumbler keeps your customers’ drinks fresh while showing off your logo on the side. Each travel tumbler comes with its own reusable straw, plus a sealable lid to keep spills away in between sips. 

16 oz. Lagom Tumbler with Stainless Steel Straw  

This gorgeous bullet-shaped tumbler is an excellent gift for anyone you want to have an executive-level drinking experience wherever they go! Featuring tough insulation, plus its own reusable stainless steel straw with a silicone tip, this tumbler looks and feels like the future of portable drinkware. 

16 oz. Sunsplash Double-Wall Recycled PP Tumbler  

Not looking to throw your money into stainless steel tumblers? This lightweight and stylish plastic tumbler with reusable straw is designed for enjoying something fresh in the sun. Perfect for offering pre-filled with your best beverages, customers are sure to love using these trendy tumblers at your events and at home! 

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