Custom Bike Water Bottles That Won’t Cycle Out of Style

Water bottles for bicycles are a must-have, like wax for surfboards, mitts for baseball, or coffee tumblers for car trips (yep, there’s a blog on that). Whether your recipient is in training for Tour de France, cycling to work, or racing to class, the best bicycle water bottles make hydrating while cycling a breeze. Bike water bottles make great promotional gifts for sporting goods stores, gym memberships, sports teams and clubs. The right custom bicycle water bottle delivers the branding equivalent of drafting! (If pedaling isn’t your passion: Drafting is when one cyclist moves into an area of low pressure behind another cyclist, resulting in less wind and an easier ride.)  

Wondering what to look for? Below we break down the most popular water bottle features for biking. For better branding and more bang for your buck, choose custom bicycle water bottles that check all the boxes and won’t cycle out of style. 

Push-Pull Lid

When your customer’s clipped in and ready for a bike ride to remember, who needs the delay and distraction of a clumsy cap? Avoid both with a push-pull lid.  

28 oz. Dre Sports Bottle: Give a custom water bottle that allows single-handed sipping and is large enough for long bike rides.  

Carabiner Clip

If you’re on a bike , on a trail, or on the go, customize a  water bottle for bicycle complete with a  carabiner clip. This makes your giveaway more handy and keeps your name out and about for more activities.  

Full Color 17 oz. Aspen Water Bottle with Carabiner: This aluminum water bottle attaches to bikes, backpacks, and features you ad message in vivid full color.  

Built-In Handle

Got a grip? As far as water bottle features go, adding a carry handle makes grabbing a bike bottle easier—whether packing gear, in the saddle, or taking a breather on the side of the road.   

25 oz. Stainless Steel Pike Bottle: Especially handy for active sports like biking, this stainless steel water bottle features a rubber carry loop that also secures the lid to the bottle.  

Built-In Straw

Not everyone appreciates the waterfall, face-splattering push-pull caps that are common on bike bottles. Consider a built-in straw for no splashing and easy sipping that works on the road and in the office. 

Engraved 24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle: This large capacity water bottle is designed for all-day hydration. Includes carry handle for grab and go ease. Engraved with your logo for visibility that lasts. 


Ultra-light and low priced, choose an aluminum bike bottle for a sleek look and options for any budget.   

Aluminum Bike Bottle – 20 oz: Bright, bold colors ensure trendy visibility for your brand, while the secure screw-top design ensures no leaks in between water breaks. Aluminum is lightweight and reusable.   

Stainless Steel

Water bottles for bicycles that are made of stainless steel have a look and feel that leads to longlasting use. Stainless steel water bottles look sharp and show your recipients you’re seriously excited about their cycling. Great for gifts with purchase, gym memberships, and special events.   

26 oz. Iva Stainless Steel Water Bottle: This single wall stainless steel water bottle is exceptionally sleek and built to last. It dresses up a bike bottle cage or an office desk.   


Add a little luxury to any bike ride with an insulated water bottle that helps keep their beverage at temperature–and your brand top of mind.   

Basecamp® Sierra Bottle – 24 oz: Your recipients will be the envy of cyclists near and far when they show off this trendy tumbler featuring a power-coat finish and double-wall construction that ensures an icy cold or piping hot beverage.   


Nothing beats plastic as a lightweight, low-cost option for custom bicycle water bottles. When ounces count there’s no need to get weighed down by other materials like stainless steel.  

20 oz. Speed Seeker Bike Bottle: Just the right size and price for any size budget and any size event. If your occasion involves one-handed hydration, this it the giveaway to save the day, er, days—it’s reusable!   


The ideal bike ride? Fresh air, a refreshing breeze, and drinking from a water bottle from a sustainable source: Perfect!  

17 oz Vida RPET Bottle: For a nod to nature when your recipients are heading outside, feel good giving this bike bottle made of recycled plastic. Includes a wrist strap and sports your brand front and center.  

Get Your Brand Out of the Saddle with the Best Bicycle Water Bottles

Prepare your recipients for a day of successful cycling! Give custom water bottles for bicycles that boast the latest features—and your branding in every bottle cage.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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