Best Coffee Tumblers for Commutes & Car Trips

What’s the best travel tumbler for your customer’s cupholder? That’s a good question to ask, especially if you’re planning to advertise your small business on a tumbler or travel mug. After all, your brand doesn’t get promoted if your custom tumbler’s in the back of the cupboard. But take heed—we have answers! Below we break down the best coffee tumblers and travel mugs to ensure your brand sits shotgun on every trip. 

Cupholder Conundrum

We’ve all been there. You’ve got all 26 ounces of absolutely necessary coffee in hand, you hop in the car, and *gasp* your travel mug doesn’t fit! But what’s wrong with a little splashing? Well, distracted driving, stained seats, wet clothes, and a smelly car. Despair… Betrayal… Who wants to attach their brand to these acute emotions? Not to mention the stains.  

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the scenery ahead. We’re going to help you make the best travel mug and coffee tumbler choice so your recipients can travel and sip with ease.  

The best coffee travel mugs do three things well: 

  1. Fit into car cup holder sizes
  1. Fit into car cup holder sizes
  1. Fit into car cup holder sizes

1. The Right Size for Travel Mugs and Tumblers That Won’t Tumble

The best travel mug on the road is the one your customer can reach easily because it’s tucked perfectly into the cupholder. The standard cup holder size is three to four inches wide and two or three inches deep. Avoid handles if you want to ensure a problem-free fit. Here are the best coffee travel mugs and tumblers to fit cupholders:   

Grande 16 oz Ace Double Wall Tumbler: Clocking in at around 2.6 inches wide, this tumbler includes a straw for easy access and fits into most any cupholder. Hydration in hand, thanks to you.  

16 oz. Grande Big Sur Double-Wall Tumbler: With a diameter of 3.4 inches, this tumbler keeps beverages hot and tucked securely into your customer’s cupholder.  

Full Color 22 oz. Stainless Steel Eli Travel Mug: This tumbler boasts your name in full color and narrows at the base so your customer enjoys extra-large capacity in a standard-size cupholder.  

Tip: For more on tumbler sizes, see our blog, What Size Logo Mug Should I Buy? Coffee Mug Sizes Explained.  

2. Lids That Don’t Leak

Spilled milk really can make you cry, especially if, say, you’re on the road, it’s a hot day, and it spilled on the floor mats, resulting in a permanently pungent smell (the opposite of the new car smell we crave). The best coffee travel mugs come with lids that close tightly and have sip holes that open easily. We like these: 

22 oz. Eli Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug: Not only does this travel hold a whopping 22 ounces, it has a push-on lid with a slide open/close sip hole for splash-free sipping.   

Grande 16 oz. Nina Double-Wall Tumbler: The spill-resistant, easy-slide lid and ridge comfort grip ensure your customer looks sporty and stays stain-free as they advertise your brand on this double-wall tumbler.  

Engraved 24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle: A straw inside means no spill outside. This water bottle holds 24 ounces and is engraved with your logo—because you deserve all the credit for this cupholder-friendly water bottle. Tip: For more options, check out all our promotional tumblers with straws.  

3. Tumblers That Keep Temperature

Happiness is…returning to the car on a hot summer day to find your ice cold drink is still chilled, or your piping hot coffee is still piping. Be the brand that makes them smile with the best coffee tumblers and travel mugs for keeping beverages at temperature longer. Check out these ultra insulators that keep your brand in drive: 

Welly® 16 oz Vacuum-Insulated Tumbler: Wow! Hot for eight hours, chilled for 24, and with bamboo trim that gives any road trip a back to nature vibe, all we can say about this cupholder-friendly custom tumbler is, “Caution! Serious branding ahead.”  

Basecamp® Mount Fuji Stainless Tumbler – 20 oz: The tapered base makes nearly any cupholder just right, and the stainless steel construction means serious temperature control.  

Engraved 17 oz. Odine Stainless Steel Bottle: When picking the best travel mugs and coffee tumblers for the commuter and cupholder set, we like to focus on lids that allow one-handed sipping. But for temperature control, this screw-top bottle is the perfect size and the ideal construction for hot coffee all morning and ice cold drinks all afternoon. Welcome to the bottle that your customers take everywhere.  

Customize the Best Coffee Tumblers for Active Branding Everywhere

Pick a tumbler that suits your style and get your name in the driver’s seat (er, cupholder) for every errand, commute, and adventure.  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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