Custom Fanny Packs: Put the Fun in Function

People have enough weight on their shoulders. Why add to it? It’s time to ditch shoulder straps and embrace the freedom of the fanny pack! Okay, maybe you’re not ready to for a full-time fanny pack look. Even if you’re not swapping out your other bags for this utilitarian essential, custom fanny packs can offer a range of benefits in your next promotion. Let’s cover the best promotional fanny pack to fit every type of industry.

Promotional Fanny Packs for Every Industry:

Travel Fanny Pack

Whether you have a travel agency or a tour service, you need a custom fanny pack that will work for both employees and travelers. This Running Belt and Fanny Pack is a travel favorite because it doesn’t appear bulky, and the separate interior pocket keeps your money safe. Plus the materials offer comfort for long periods of wear.

Nurse Fanny Pack

If you’re a hospital administrator looking to show your appreciation for the nurses you work with, give them nurse fanny pack organizers that will liven up even their finest pair of fun scrubs. This vibrant fanny pack can be branded with the hospital name, and is made so that nurses can easily carry their pens, phones, and whatever else around the hospital.

Teacher Fanny Pack

Coaches and P.E. teachers need a hands-free way to carry their keys and phones. If you want to promote your team or school on the field, get teachers and coaches the Water Bottle Fanny Pack. It has space for their valuables and a pocket for their custom water bottle, too.

Fanny Pack for Charity Races

Many brands are proud to invest in good causes like charity races to show support and spread a positive message about their company. If your business has a team of employees running in a charity race, make sure they’re equipped with your branding and give them each fanny pack promotional products. The Neoprene Running Belt Fanny Pack is made to show off your personalization and still feel comfortable while running.

Custom Fanny Packs for Field Technicians

When your company’s technicians are out in the field, they need to have their quick-fix tools as well as their phone and keys be easily accessible. That’s why the All-In-One Fanny Pack is a perfect asset. It’s the ideal logo item to display your business’ polished and professional branding.

How to Wear a Fanny Pack

Now that we’ve essentially covered why everyone should be promoting with custom fanny packs, the real question is how to wear one! There’s three conventional ways to wear a fanny pack, but if you find more, who are we to tell you how to live? No matter which way you wear it, your branding is sure to be on display.

3 Ways to Wear a Fanny Pack:

  • Pouch in the front
  • Pouch in the back
  • Cross-shoulder bag

Are you looking to promote your business with fanny pack promotional products? Take a look at our full selection of customized fanny packs. Show us how your business name travels by tagging us in your promotional fanny pack pics on Facebook or Instagram.

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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