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National Pencil Day Activities – 5 Ways to Celebrate

Ahh, the modest pencil: just wood, graphite, and a little rubber make up this mighty writing tool. (Side note, we’ve got your back if you want to do a deep dive on what pencil lead is made of). And while pencils should be celebrated every day, it’s on National Pencil Day that the redheaded step child of the pen gets its due. Mark your calendars—March 30th is a day of celebration, honor, and reverence.

Here are a few fun activities for showing pencil pushers a little love:

Activity #1: Draw a Portrait without Picking up Your Pencil

Calling all artists and non-artists: this is a fun activity on National Pencil Day, whether you’re doing it with friends or coworkers for team building.

Choose your subject and draw them without picking up your pencil or looking down at your paper. And voila! You have a piece of modern art you can share with your subject (no doubt it will look exactly like the portrait above).

Activity #2: Stake a Plant

Everyone needs a little support sometimes, right? The same goes for plants. If you have a smaller plant that needs a stake to help it grow up and out, use a pencil! Use it just like you would a plant stake—stick the sharpened end into the soil and wrap the plant around the pencil.

Activity #3: Brush up on Your Pencil Tricks

We all knew that cool kid in middle school who could spin a pencil around their middle finger, and if you’re like me, you were not that kid, so your pencil tricks could use some work.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Place the tip of the pencil on your pointer finger, the middle on the tip of your middle finger, your thumb on top between those fingers, and then the fingernail of your ring finger on the inside of the pencil.
  • Straighten your ring finger and shoot it backwards.
  • Move your pointer finger and thumb out of the way.
  • Bring your middle finger forward as the pencil starts to flip.
  • Catch the pencil with your thumb.
  • Keep on spinnin’ and wait for the applause.

If you’re more of a visual person, check out this helpful tutorial.

Activity #4: Use an Eraser as an Earring Backer

Pencils aren’t just for fun, people. They also offer emergency help, like in the dire case of losing an earring back. Those with pierced ears know that terrifying moment when you’re in the middle of doing something and your earring backer flies off.

Don’t fret—it can be easily remedied with the help of a pencil eraser. Just pop if off the pencil and use it as you would a regular earring backer. A trick for National Pencil Day and beyond.

Activity #5: Create Your Very Own Personalized Pencils

We’ve talked so much about pencils at this point, you have to be chomping at the bit to get your own, right? There’s something really cool about having personalized pencils, whether you put your name on them or fun sayings like the image above.

Here are a few faves we think you’ll like, too:

Mood Pencils

The traditional Bamboo Arlington Mechanical Pencil

Mechanical pencils are some people’s jam, and these are extra awesome because your message is printed in an awesome mirror effect!

Full Color Colored Pencil Set

Who doesn’t love colored pencils? This set features unique black pencils and a handy sharpener.

How are you going to be celebrating National Pencil Day? Share your pencil parties and activities with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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