4 Political Promotion Ideas & Giveaways

One thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on? The value of election promotional products. It’s the type of classic, boots-on-the-ground marketing that can make an impact on a campaign, whether it’s at the local or national level.

How to Promote a Political Candidate 101: Know Your Brand

While you are marketing a person, not a product or service, the same rules apply here: know what the candidate brings to the table vs. the competition and shout it from the rooftops. Once their platform is established, that serves as the basis for all marketing efforts, including election promotional products.

Colors are another aspect to consider. Blue, red, and white are of course political standbys, but colors outside the normal always grab attention. Color theory can be used here to find the right color for the campaign—again, you want to make sure it aligns with the candidate’s “brand”.

Up Next: Political Campaign Giveaway Ideas

Now that the candidate branding is locked in, it’s time for political campaign giveaways.

Some things to consider: If the candidate is passionate about protecting the environment, for example, eco-friendly promotional products are very “on brand” for them. Or perhaps their platform is saving the county or city money, and in that case, it wouldn’t make sense for them to be passing out high-end promotional handouts (hello, budget-friendly promotional pens). Whatever it is, you want to make sure it all matches!

Here are a four things to pass out for campaign that we know will make an impact:

#1: Political & Campaign Pins

Political pins are about as old school as election campaign giveaways come, and in the very best way. They date back as far as the first presidential inauguration, when George Washington had buttons bearing his initials and the phrase, “Long live the president”. And to that, we say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Nowadays, it’s on-trend to attach buttons to jackets and backpacks, and what better way to get your message out than on your supporters?

Full Color Round Safety Pin Back Button

This is your classic political pin that’s ready to be customized with your name and slogan. Perfect for at the campaign headquarters or passing out at rallies and meetings.

Full Color Square Domed Lapel Pin

Sure, campaign pins are typically round, but why not stand out with a different shape? They also come with gold trim, which gives off a regal feel.

#2: Election Campaign Banners & Signs

Come election time, you’ve seen all the election banners and signs posted up vying for attention. The key to making yours stick out, is again, your branding! Because you’ve already thought about the competitive landscape, yours is sure to pop on these custom signs.

2’x6′ Vinyl Single-Sided Banner

This indoor/outdoor election campaign banner is perfectly sized for your full color artwork. And because it’s vinyl, it can stand up to any type of weather.

36”x24” 2-Sided Corrugated Plastic Sign

Cars coming from both directions are sure to see your message! Front-and-back messaging gives you the space to get your point across.

iPad Stand Display Kit

An interesting political promotion idea is to have an iPad stand ready and loaded with your campaign literature. This way, people can easily learn about your platform and ideas without needing to discuss with a person, which can be intimidating for some. A great addition to your campaign headquarters!

Car and Truck Door Sign Magnetic Decal

Take your promotions on the road! A custom magnetic decal can be used on any car, which makes for a super effective election promotional product.

#3: Political Campaign Pens

Political campaign giveaway ideas can be simple and still impactful, like using custom pens. You can go low or high, depending on your goal, and you know what? Everyone loves political campaign pens.

Contour Pen

With a full color wrap, you have plenty of room to add your campaign logo, slogan, website, and contact info.

Ballito Stylus Pen with Light-Up Imprint

When your message is this important, put it in lights! A totally unique type of political campaign pens.

Value Stick Pen

Our vote for affordable custom pens you can pass out en masse.

#4: Election Campaign Stickers & Labels

Whether used for guerilla marketing tactics or passing out to supporters, election campaign stickers are another effective (and affordable!) political campaign giveaway idea to promote your candidate.

3.5”x2” White Gloss Paper Rectangle Label

A full color option for your message that’s also great for campaign volunteer name tags.

4”x4” White Gloss Paper Circle Label

And now a circular version for election campaign stickers!

So, in conclusion, vote election promotional products in 2020.

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