Custom Mints (and Fresh Breath): Always In Style

What better way to start a meeting or end a meal than with a promotional mint? The recipient of a custom mint enjoys a small but significant boost of confidence conferred by the humble wonder, from breath that’s freshened, to hunger that’s staved off, to a palate cleansed. Retail and corporate promotional mints, individually wrapped and ready to be popped in the mouth or slipped in a pocket, purse, are an irresistible feature at reception desks, inside restaurant bill holders, in lobbies, and at customer service counters everywhere. 

Branded Mints We Love the Most

When it comes to personalized candy, options include chocolate, nuts, and lollipops, but we’d say, when it comes to “take-one” packaging, mass appeal, and a timeless nod to practical civility, custom mints take the cake. A few of our favorites:

Mint Tins & Dispensers

Keep your name in their pocket and on their desk with these customized mint gifts:

Individually Wrapped Mints with Logo   

Like hummingbirds to honeysuckle, a dish filled with mints promises to attract takers. One for now, a few for later, and your brand is in every pocket, purse, and car cup holder! 

  • Pastel Chocolate Mints: Combining fresh minty taste with delicious milk chocolate, the Pastel Chocolate Mints are a 2-for-1 winner.
  • Jelly-Filled Mints: These delicious treats offer a touch of sweet jelly, for when lines are long, food is far, or a mint alone just won’t do. Think conferences, church services, and waiting rooms.
  • Pep-O-Mint Individual Lifesavers: The perfect size for serious freshness, and fun! 
  • Starlite Breath Mints-Ind Wrapped/Full Color: These mints boast a classic look and taste, with your full color logo on each individually wrapped mint.
  • Buttermints: The traditional, melt-in-your-mouth buttermints are loved by mint eaters of all ages!

Promotional Mint Sets

These sets combine custom mints with other must-have accessories, ensuring they stay close at hand and within easy reach. Genius!

  • Pick ‘n’ Mints: This creative and fun combination includes sugar-free mints plus toothpicks for the perfect ending to every meal.
  • Lip Moisturizer and Mint Combo: Vanilla-flavored lip moisturizer is bundled with sugar-free mints for double the functionality and brand visibility.

Branded Mints Keep Halitosis at Bay and Your Branding on the Brain

Wanting office visitors to feel welcome? Saying thanks to your restaurant patrons? Looking for a gift with purchase? Want a table treat for guests attending your special event? Every recipient appreciates a promotional mint gift. Pick your favorite and spread minty freshness far and wide. Check out related food and drink gifts for more ideas.

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