5 Custom Products that Everyone Should Have in Their Car

People’s cars are often filled with clutter, so try helping your customers fill their cars with these useful items that they will be extremely glad to have.

1.  A Document Case

Having your documents organized and neat is important. If you are ever involved in a traffic stop, it is necessary to be able to quickly locate all of the necessary documents. This custom auto document case comes in a variety of colors to help easily identify it in your glove compartment.

2. A Tire Pressure Gauge

Ever see that low tire pressure light pop on when the weather changes? Having a tire pressure gauge is really important. Accurate tire pressure helps with gas mileage and vehicle efficiency. This Mini Tire Pressure Gauge Keychain offers the convenience of being on your keys so you will never be in the car without it!

3. An Emergency Tool

While we never hope to be in an emergency, it is important to plan for one. This Auto Safety Tool offers a seatbelt cutting blade and a steel pointed head that could break glass should your vehicle become submerged in water or be in another emergency situation.

4.  A USB Car Charger Adapter

Nearly all electronics charge through a USB port. That is why a USB car adapter makes the top 5 list. Having battery in your cell phone is a safety precaution, and one that is easily taken. The Dual USB Car Charger supports the simultaneous use of two USB inputs allowing you to charge your phone while you charge another electronic device.

5. A FlashlightThe Convention Flashlight

This one may seem like common sense, but do you have a flashlight in your car? A flashlight comes in handy during an emergency or even if your phone falls underneath your seat. Aluminum LED Flashlight With Strap is a powerful, compact flashlight.

All of these items from National Pen are easily branded with your company’s logo and contact information. Your clients and employees will be grateful that you are providing them with these items that help promote safety and are extremely useful.