Custom Shaped Keychains Are Always In Style

Take a look at the painting below from the 1600’s. This man looks weary. He’s certainly got enough water. Plus his outfit is quite dapper. And he looks to be gainfully employed (as a property manager of yore, art historians would suppose). So why the dour look? Maybe he dreamed of being a dentist. Or a farmer. Or…. Is it that he has a zillion keys on that keyring and no good way to differentiate among them? This is precisely how custom shaped metal keychains fit into the picture (er, the painting). If his employer had offered him a personalized keychain, one can assume his day could have been made just a wee bit brighter.

Thankfully, a 17th century missed marketing opportunity has given way to today’s plethora of promotional keyrings. And custom shaped keychains are among the most popular. Below we break down the reasons for their popularity and the best picks for branding your business.

How Custom Shaped Keychains Keep Us Sane

Digging for keys and distinguishing among them is an exercise in frustration. At the end of a busy day, fumbling for keys while at the front door with groceries in hand and hungry kids in tow is no one’s happy place. Custom shaped keychains help your target audience keep keys at the ready and your brand in pockets, bags, and purses galore.

From custom shape metal keychains, to hard plastic, to soft rubber, there’s a style to suit every kind of company, cause, or occasion. Here are a few of our favorites:

Custom Shape Metal Keychains

Custom Shape Rubber & Soft Keychains

Custom Shape Plastic Keychains

The Right Customized Keyring Comes In Many Shapes

You could be handing over keys to a new apartment, business, house, or car. You could be thanking volunteers at your fundraiser or offering souvenirs at your gift shop. Anywhere you distribute, a custom shaped keyring leads to happier unlocking and smarter branding.

Check out our wide selection of personalized keychains. There’s one for every occasion, profession, and style—from a 17th century property manager to a new employee at your company!

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