10 Environmentally Friendly Swaps for Giveaway Items

Is your perception of eco products stuck in the past? Let’s face it, eco-friendly items weren’t always what they are now. There were a lot of beige colored things that were great in concept, but in use… Not so much. Fast-forward to today, and many environmentally friendly swaps are actually the best option.

How’d this happen? Well, out of necessity. The eco-friendly product industry is booming. More people are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to everyday items, as well as promotional products. They want ways to reduce waste with the products they buy. With that increased demand has come innovative solutions. It’s no longer true that eco-friendly items are more expensive—in some cases, they’re even cheaper! Plus, a main draw of these products has become their quality and trendy, natural aesthetic.

Don’t believe us? We get it. Some things need to be seen to be believed. We’ll cover all the easy eco-friendly swaps you can make to create a big difference for your marketing and the earth.

Easy Ways to Go Green

According to the Ad Specialties Industry, ASI, 42% of people will have a more favorable opinion of a brand that markets with environmentally conscious items. Give potential customers the right impression about your company. From reusable bags to coffee pens, here are some of our top picks for eco-friendly promotional items.

Reusable Shopping Bags vs. Plastic Bags

It’s in the name: reusable! Unlike plastic bags, customers will continue using reusable bags for years. Customers love this eco-friendly alternative because they can fit more inside than traditional plastic bags, and the nonwoven fabric makes them more durable to handle extra weight. That means your logo will get way more visibility when you make this environmentally friendly swap. At a cost that’s less than many custom plastic bags, options like the Budget Shopper Tote are a great value.

Recycled Notebooks vs. Standard Notebooks

They look, feel, and cost the same as standard notebooks, but don’t let these eco-friendly notebooks fool you. The Spiral Notebook and Pen is made with recycled cardboard and paper. Even the included pen is made partially with recycled craft paper. At a slightly cheaper cost than many standard spiral notebook and pen sets, these custom notebooks put less burden on the planet as well as your budget.

Reusable Bottles vs. Plastic Bottles

With reusable water bottles being so in style, they are one brand promotion that’s sure to get your logo seen. Putting your branding on a plastic water bottle is a great way to promote at charity walks or where you need to get water to lots of people quickly and cheaply. However, they won’t provide much of a lasting brand impact, and worse, the can have much greater impact on the environment. Reusable water bottles will get used again and again, and will travel with customers. That means your branding is guaranteed to get more visibility with this easy eco-friendly swap.

Eco-Friendly Pens vs. Plastic Pens

One of the ways pens are becoming more eco-friendly is by using recycled materials to require less plastic. The Eco-Friendly Coffee Pen uses reclaimed coffee grounds and the Eco-Friendly Wheat Straw Noa Pen uses reclaimed excess wheat stalk. Supplementing these materials for plastic creates a major impact over time. With the budget-friendly cost and ease of gifting, Eco-Friendly Pens are a great way to show more people that your company cares.

Eco-Friendly Backpacks vs. Regular Backpacks

If you want a promotion that’s eco-friendly, but doesn’t look any different than its normal counterpart, this backpack is for you. Eco-friendly backpacks like the Recycled Stassi Backpack are made from recycled plastic bottles. They feel exactly the same as normal backpacks and have all the same pockets and padded laptop sections.

Eco-Friendly Lunch Container vs Plastic Lunch Container

Get your eco-friendly messaging seen every day with these lunch boxes made from a mix of wheat straw and plastic. These lunch boxes are made with less plastic because they use recycled wheat straw instead. Wheat straw is a by-product of harvesting wheat for food. Rather than wasting it, it can be manufactured into what looks and feels like regular plastic.

Plus, when you buy these to customize, a portion of the proceeds goes to 1% for the Planet, an organization that donates to nonprofits working specializing in environmental protection.

Eco-Friendly Can Cooler vs. Regular Can Cooler

Can you tell the difference between this and a regular can cooler? We can’t either! This Custom Koozie Eco-Friendly Collapsible Can Kooler is made from recycled foam. Eco-conscious beverage brands will love that this can cooler keeps drinks cold, hands dry, and their logo visible—all while doing some good for the planet.

Stainless Steel Reusable Straw Kit vs. Regular Keychain

Why go with a regular keychain promotion when you can give out a branded straw kit keychain that customers will use on a daily basis? This is one of those environmentally friendly swaps that does wonders for your branding. A custom reusable straw creates less waste in the form of single-use plastic straws, and is far more likely to be noticed by others than a simple keychain. This will get people talking about your branding.

Recycled Plastic Cups vs. Plastic Cups

Nobody wants to give out a throwaway promotion, but some branded products really are meant to be single-use. To give a single-use custom cup that has a lasting impact, put your branding on a Recycled Plastic Cup. These cups look the same as traditional plastic cups, but are made from recycled products and will completely biodegrade in 50 days. That means they help to reduce waste, which is great for eco-friendly cafés or tasting events.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses vs. Regular Sunglasses

By using recycled rubber to create the frames, these Eco-friendly Sunglasses take something that would have been more waste, and used it create something fun and trendy.

See that? There are tons of ways you can save on spending while also saving the planet. Implement a few of these environmentally friendly swaps for giveaways so you and your customers can feel good about your personalized branding.

Jessica Carreiro

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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