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Custom Water Bottle Ideas for Any Occasion

Water bottles have long been a favorite for branded gifts, whether it’s for small business promotional giveaways or children’s soccer teams looking to build some team spirit. However, with so many different styles and materials to choose from, it’s become a lot harder to puzzle out the perfect combination for your particular event. That’s why we’re here to provide custom water bottle ideas to fit any occasion. 

Custom Water Bottles for Personal Events 

Water Bottle Ideas for Party Favors 

No matter what your age, everyone loves a party! But the best part of any party is the party favors you get to take home. If you’re looking for some unique party favors that’ll wow your guests, check out these popular custom water bottle ideas that are made to party. 

32 oz. Mood Grip Water Bottle 

Made easy to hold with a built-in grip, this popular water bottle keeps the party going long after the event with a fun color-changing mood feature. Whether it’s the temperature of the drink or the temperature of your hand, this bottle will change colors to match, making it a fun and exciting party favor for any event. 

22 oz. LITE-UP Water Bottle 

Party it up all night with this LITE-UP water bottle! Your custom party logo will light up whenever the bottle is lifted, making it an exceptionally fun party favor for nighttime or black-light parties. Custom plastic water bottles like this will make your party a night to remember. 

Britebrand™ 26 oz. Iva Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

For outdoor events and family reunions, attendees will love your insulated custom stainless steel water bottles. Made with a wrap-around full-color print, there’s plenty of space for a family picture or colorful custom banner to remind your guests of the family event of the year. 

Sporting Event? Cheers to Cheering on Your Team 

Whether you’re hosting an event for your kid’s team or hitting the stands with your football friends, custom water bottles are a great way to show your team spirit while staying hydrated. Here are a few fan favorites for your next big sporting event. 

Challenger Eco-Polyclear – 30 oz 

There’s no need to leave the stands for refills with this large capacity water bottle! Easily customizable to carry your favorite team’s logo, you and your friends can keep your seats and enjoy the game with this popular custom plastic water bottle and as many salty snacks as you can carry. 

24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle 

Whether you’re supporting a marathon or running in one yourself, you want a personalized water bottle you can carry! This sleek design is made for speed with an easy to hold handle that you can carry yourself or even clip with a carabiner. Made with lightweight aluminum, runners and watchers alike will love this trendy custom aluminum water bottle. 

Gradient Aluminum Sports Bottle – 25 oz 

If you’re looking for a team bottle that the players will love, check out this trendy gradient water bottle. Available in a variety of bright colors set against shiny aluminum, your team logo will stand out at every game and practice. Featuring a flip-top and easy to carry handle, players will find this bottle to be a functional and fun way to feel the team spirit! 

Custom Water Bottles Ideas for Camp or Adventure Groups 

When tackling a tough trail or enjoying an outdoor adventure, it’s important to stay hydrated. That’s why so many camps and adventure groups are offering customized water bottles to help participants keep plenty of water handy and have a great piece of memorabilia to take home. Here are a few ideas for custom water bottles that have become outdoor favorites. 

17 oz. Nyla Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle 

Want something that’ll keep your drink cool throughout an all-day camping trip? This vacuum-insulated custom stainless steel water bottle will make sure your water is cool and refreshing through your hikes in the sun and keep out the critters during your long night under the stars. 

Stainless Steel Sport Grip Bottle – 28 oz 

Looking for a bottle idea that can handle any adventure? Your adventure group can take this river rafting, mountain climbing, and more with the easy to hold sports grip and attached carabiner. With a spill-resistant flip lid, this bottle will keep your drink contained while bearing the custom logo to remind you of the adventure of a lifetime. 

Custom Water Bottles for Business Use 

Water Bottle Ideas for Promotional Events 

People love to get promotional products at trade shows and company events, but it isn’t always easy to decide what giveaways will best showcase your brand. Promotional pens and custom notebooks are a popular choice of course, and if you want to take your branding to the next level, here are some custom water bottle ideas that’ll really leave an impression on your future customers. 

22 oz. Astral Glass Bottle 

Want water bottle ideas for a geometric flair to help your brand stand apart? You’ll love this trendy Astral Glass Bottle with a silicone sleeve for your next promotional event. This style helps emphasize the edgy innovative style of any company that loves to push boundaries and shake up their industry. 

Rockit Bpm 500 Ml. Bottle – 17 oz 

For a company who specializes in luxury products, your brand will pair perfectly with this custom stainless steel water bottle. Vacuum-insulated with copper lining and made with soft, rounded edges, this custom bottle is made for small businesses looking to give luxurious experiences at affordable prices. 

Water Bottle Ideas for Employee Appreciation Gifts 

When it comes to employee retention, a little company swag can go a long way in showing that you care. When planning out your next employee welcome kits or care packages to boost company spirit, make sure to include one of these popular custom water bottle ideas that your employees will love to use. 

Britebrand™ 20 oz. Speed Seeker Bike Bottle 

Looking for the perfect gift to welcome new hires to the office? These custom plastic water bottles will look great on their desk and help keep them hydrated throughout the day. And with a full-color print, you can be sure your company’s custom logo will help ignite that company team spirit as well. 

Britebrand™ 17 oz. Insulated Firth Water Bottle 

If you want to reward your employees for a great quarter or just remind them of your appreciation, they’ll love this custom stainless steel water bottle with wrap-around full-color print to brighten up their workstation. This bottle will keep their water cool and refreshing through a long work day and look stylish with its trendy matte finish. 

We don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all solution to custom promotional products, whether that’s for your business or for family events. That’s why it’s important to find the styles, the colors, and the materials that best suit your needs when customizing your own water bottles. We can give you all the options you need, but in the end, it’s your event and your creativity that are going to shape the perfect custom water bottle ideas. Let these tips serve as guidelines to get you started so you can go on to customize the perfect giveaway water bottle for you. 

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