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How to Make Employees a Welcome Back to the Office Kit

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, and now it’s time to leave your PJ’s and cabin fever behind and head back to the office. For many, this is a much-needed relief from cramped working conditions and the stress of child-wrangling while meeting work deadlines. However, many will also miss the easy snack access, the non-commute, and the break-time naps. To help with the transition, you can make a welcome back to the office kit for your employees to take some of what they love about home back to the office. 

When putting together your employee welcome kit, it’s important to think beyond just what will help them get their work done. Custom notebooks, pens, and mousepads are all classic and useful gifts for any office giveaway, but when you’ve spent the last year finding ways to bring the office into their home, your employees will want to find ways to bring a little bit of home back with them to the office. On that note, here are five return to work gift ideas your employees are sure to love.

5 Essentials to Include in Your Welcome Back to the Office Kit 

Plant Your Roots at Your Desk 

A popular benefit of quarantine life for many has been the chance to explore new hobbies. Your employees have been exploring the relaxing worlds of baking, knitting, gardening, and more. While you can’t accommodate every hobby in a professional environment, you can allow employees to bring some life to their desks with a personal plant. With a neat little logo planter as part of your employee welcome kit, employees will enjoy the chance to continue cultivating their green thumbs without ever having to leave the office. 

Keep Your Favorite Faces Close 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and now that your employees’ duties as homeschool teachers, short-order cooks, and in-home entertainment directors have been drastically reduced, they have the space to breathe and realize they miss their crazy families. If you’re looking for welcome back to work ideas, gifting a picture frame and gift card for printing a family picture to fit will show your employees that you know where their priorities are and allow them to keep those smiling faces close at hand while they re-adjust to the quiet office life. 

Wake Up to a Hot Cup of Office Hospitality 

Nothing says welcome back to the office like a custom company coffee mug, and there’s a good reason for it! Nobody wants communal coffee mugs to clutter the break room, and nobody likes buying their own office mugs either. Giving each employee their own company branded mug  – such as the Britebrand 15 oz. Adel White Ceramic Mug – works to encourage a little self-care in the office while also keeping your employees fueled for work. 

If you’re looking for more return to work gift ideas, you can also offer personalized tumblers and custom water bottles in your welcome back to the office kit to encourage hydration with more than just the morning caffeine boost. 

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Listen to Your Favorite Focus Music 

One major benefit people are likely to miss about working from home is the chance to personalize their work experience with their own music. We’ve mentioned before how headphones make an excellent gift to show appreciation for your employees, and that’s especially true when they’re transitioning from working in the comforts of their own home. Welcome them back to the office with the ability to personalize their work experience with their own favorite focus music played in noise-isolating Blutunes Wireless Headphones or other custom headphones

Hold it All Together in a Branded Welcome Pack 

Obviously, you can’t have an employee welcome kit without something to put it all in! A company branded welcome backpack is a quality gift on its own and doubles as the perfect wrapping for your other welcome back to the office goodies. This also allows your employees to personalize their pack with their own welcome back to work ideas, such as favorite desk decorations and tech from home. With a solid and spacious logo backpack, they can carry their favorite gifts to and from home with plenty of room to spare for their own knick-knacks. 

If you’re welcoming teammates back, liven up their workspace with a custom mug, plant, picture frame, and their favorite music all bundled together in a trendy branded welcome pack. When putting together a welcome back to the office kit for employees, remember where you’re welcoming everyone from. No matter how hard it was to work from home, it’s hard to leave it all entirely behind, even for the haven of structure, silence, and normalcy that is the office. Help employees bring a little bit of home back to work with them using these gift ideas straight from the heart of the company. 

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