Custom Webcam Covers: The Branded Gift That Puts Customers at Ease

Most of us have by now experienced the stress of the accidental webcam moment. Maybe it’s joining a call with video where we only intended audio (bad hair day, bad PJ day). Maybe it’s thinking we turned the camera off so we could just “step away for a sec,” only to find that 1. We in fact did not turn the camera off and 2. We’re sporting attire that screams ‘business on top’ and ‘Netflix and chill’ on the bottom. We gotta be careful with cameras. And here’s where branded webcam covers come in. In addition to socially unfortunate moments like those above, there’s also concern surrounding webcam espionage, and certainly that’s another good reason to consider a custom laptop camera cover or similar webcam accessory. 

Speaking for myself, I’m not brokering world peace through my laptop (would if I could, folks) and there just isn’t a lot going on in my work-from-home office that would make me an especially strong candidate for a blackmail attempt. Still and all, I’d prefer that folks not be made aware that I can’t go more than five minutes without snacking or checking my daughter’s social media accounts.

Whether you’re verbalizing the PIN number to the World Bank or just trying to keep things professional during virtual team meetings and online classes, the time for the custom webcam cover is here and now.

How Does a Promotional Webcam Cover Work?

A webcam cover can be as simple as a piece of masking tape, a sticky note, or anything else that covers the camera on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, thus preventing accidental or unauthorized visual access to the user’s physical environment. When a web camera is never or very rarely used, an ad hoc cover is probably fine. But for many of us, we use our web camera daily, for meetings, classes, appointments, and virtual gatherings among family and friends. The ability to quickly cover and uncover the webcamera is a welcome convenience. Enter the custom laptop, smartphone, or desktop camera cover. The accessory frames your web camera and includes a “window” that slides open or closed over the camera. Your recipients can grant or deny access to their webcam with the flick of a finger. 

And with custom webcam covers, you offer a useful giveaway or gift while promoting your brand  where your recipients are most keenly engaged.

Our Favorite Personalized Webcam Covers

Take a look at these low-cost options that protect your recipients from peepers, creepers,and thieves, along with surprise starts and accidental interruptions of online meetings everywhere. 

Adhesive Sliding Webcam Cover: Put your branding at eyeball level with this adhesive sliding webcam cover. The frame adheres around the camera and the customized cover slides open and closed. Enjoy lots of cover color options and a budget-friendly price point.

Mini Security Webcam Cover: Featuring a sleek oblong shape, a slightly smaller size, and a low price, this mini custom webcam cover includes adhesive to attach to computers, laptops, smart TVs, phones, and monitors. The cover slides open and closed to reveal the webcam when needed.

Slider Webcam Cover: The two-tone color and dual-shape design of this branded webcam cover protects privacy and commands attention. It easily adheres to computers, laptops, smart TVs, and monitors to cover the webcam and opens and closes to reveal when needed. The price point allows for generous distribution via customer service counters, point of sale locations, direct mail, and more.

Promotional Webcam Covers Give Your Customers the Gift of…Confidence?

You bet. If your customer needs to clean up a coffee spill, throw a toy to the dog, or encourage a toddler to remain fully clothed, no one need be the wiser, thanks to your thoughtful gift. Custom webcam covers are today’s answer to keeping Zoom calls buttoned up–and participants, too. Whether your recipients just “need a minute” or are safeguarding blueprints for the next iPhone, a branded webcam cover’s a smart way to keep your message front and center among customers, students, employees, and more.

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