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Best Dental Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Practice

Everyone loves having a straight, white cavity-free smile, so why do people put off going to the dentist? Well, for many, fear or anxiety of going to a bad dentist is a big part of their hesitation. When new clients come into your practice, you need to set their mind at ease. Our favorite dental marketing ideas are ones that go the extra mile to offer care, even outside the office.

Great dental promotional products should be one more tool in your kit for creating a calming atmosphere of care. Think of these as the cherry on top of that fish tank in the lobby or the televisions in each suite—giveaways reassure clients that you’re taking every measure to make visiting the dentist a positive experience.

Why Include Dental Marketing Gifts & Gift Bags?

The end-of-visit goodie bag is something your clients expect, and is as close to a well-done sticker as they’ll receive in adulthood. So don’t skimp on your dental office giveaway ideas. Packing even a few essential good dental hygiene items into a take-home bag will remind your customers of both healthy habits and your business.

Top Dental Office Giveaway Ideas

If you’re giving away dental hygiene promotions, you want to make sure they’re effective. That’s why these dental marketing ideas are the favorites of customers and dentists alike. Check out how other dental offices are using dental promotional products to make their clients smile.

Push n’ Save Tube Squeezer

Nobody likes to waste toothpaste. This custom tube squeezer will help your clients to get every last drop of toothpaste from the tube. Plus, when it comes time for their 6-month checkup, they’ll have your business’ phone number in a place they view twice a day.

Dental Floss

Whether you’re handing these out to visiting clients or drumming up new business by sending them out as direct mail promotions, this promotional dental floss will impress new and soon-to-be customers. Each box comes with your logo or company information on the front, and 18 yards of wax-coated floss.

Antimicrobial Toothbrush Cover

Many people keep their toothbrushes near the sink in their bathroom. Of course, we also do other things in the bathroom… Hence, the need for an antimicrobial toothbrush cover. This ensures that whether your toothbrush is on the counter or in a travel bag, it will be safe from germs. Dental offices can feature their branding on the front to remind clients of who keeps their teeth and toothbrushes safe.

Are you ready to start making your clients even happier with these dental marketing ideas? Share with us on Instagram how your promotional giveaways are bringing bright shining smiles to your customer’s faces.

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