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8 Customer Appreciation Day Ideas & Appreciation Gift Ideas

Practicing gratitude is an important factor in life, and especially in business. After all, if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business. Take the time on Customer Appreciation Day to show your customers exactly what they mean to you. And because you mean the world to us, we’ve gone ahead and gathered customer appreciation ideas and gifts.

When Is Customer Appreciation Day?

If you ask us, it’s every single day, but the official day on the calendar is the third Friday in May. Here’s a breakdown of upcoming Customer Appreciation Days:

  • 2020: Friday, May 15th
  • 2021: Friday, May 21st
  • 2022: Friday, May 20th
  • 2023: Friday, May 19th
  • 2024: Friday, May 17th

8 Customer Appreciation Day Ideas

Now, for the fun: customer appreciation ideas!

1. Host a Virtual Happy Hour for Customers & Staff

If you’re not able to get everyone together in person, consider throwing a virtual happy hour! Check out these virtual happy hour tips for being the host with the most.

2. Write Thank You Cards

Sometimes how to show appreciation is through simple gestures. There’s nothing more thoughtful than putting pen to paper to show your gratitude. If you’re able to, it’s definitely recommended to write by hand—it shows you took the time to write something unique versus a mass letter. Another tip? Get as specific as you can about what your customers have ordered or any pleasant interactions you’ve had.

3. Upgrade Customer Orders

Who doesn’t love a little extra something with their order? Surprise one lucky customer or if you can, all those who ordered the week of Customer Appreciation Day with a product or service upgrade.

Best Sellers at National Pen

4. Create a Local Guide

Team up with other small businesses to create a guide of favorite restaurants, bars, auto shops, etc. in the area. Post it on your blog, social media, and send in an email to customers. This is the type of Customer Appreciation Day idea that is not only extremely usable and helpful to customers, but also positions you as a local expert.

5. Share Customer Stories

On Customer Appreciation Day, take to social media to highlight your customers. Spotlight a few customers with their pictures, stories, and if they’re a small business owner too, their websites.

6. Shower Them with Appreciation Gifts

Appreciation gifts are always a good idea, and there’s no need to break the bank with them. “It’s the thought that counts” really does mean something! Here are a few appreciation gifts that come with free “thank you” designs you can choose from!

Contour Pen

Spiral Flip Pad

11 oz. Ceramic Mug

7. Donate Together  

This is a thoughtful customer appreciation idea that will have a positive impact on your community—either use social media or an emailed survey to ask which charity they’d like you to donate to. Once a charity is chosen, share it with your customers with a link for them to donate as well.

8. Offer Free Content

Think about your business and what you do well. Is there some free content you can provide on Customer Appreciation Day from your unique point of view? Maybe it’s a popular recipe at your restaurant, a free workout video created at your gym, or hair and makeup tips from your to stylist.

We hope Customer Appreciation Day gives you the chance to slow down and not only thank your customers, but think about how far your business has come because of them.

And, of course, we can’t forget to thank you for visiting our blog. Whether you’re a customer or soon-to-be, it means so much to us that you’re here.

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