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15 Engaging and Funny Holidays in February to Inspire Your Next Promotion

Tired of the oh-so-serious Valentine’s Day hogging the February spotlight? Rekindle your love for holiday marketing with something new! Boost visibility and customer engagement, raise employee morale, and keep things fresh for your business with these funny February holidays. 

How to Promote Your Business with Weird Holiday Marketing

Funny national holidays like Umbrella Day may seem like just something to fill a calendar, but these holidays are a great opportunity to engage with your customers and get them excited about your brand. Here are just a few ways businesses are using weird, silly, inspirational, and international holidays to create fun and tasteful marketing content. 

  • Inspired Sales: Find the weird national holidays that connect to your industry and use them to inspire exciting deals for your customers. For example, bakeries and other food vendors can get creative with a customer-attracting fondue party on Chocolate Fondue Day!
  • Contests: Just like many businesses offer prizes for costume contests on Halloween, you can offer promotional merch as prizes for contests like a fairy tale writing contest on Tell a Fairy Tale Day.
  • Social Media Content: Get customers engaged with your social media pages by asking how they’ll celebrate your favorite February social media holidays, and share images of how you’re celebrating, too!
  • Create Local Traditions: Found a holiday that jives perfectly with your brand? Do something big to celebrate every year and get people coming to your door! Decorate, host an event, offer free samples, or even create your own branded giveaways to commemorate what you will make into a new local tradition.
  • Coordinate With Another Business: Is a holiday not particularly relevant to your industry? Find another small business who can help you create an engaging promotion that both of you benefit from!

Pro tip: While February may have a few cultural holidays like Chinese New Year, you don’t want to use these holidays purely for promotional reasons. It’s good to acknowledge the holidays of major religions and cultures, but using them to promote your business when you have no inherent connection is in poor taste and will offend more customers than it excites. Be tasteful and respectful whenever you address cultural or religious celebrations. 

1. Groundhog Day

February 2 

A classic silly holiday, this day is all about testing the psychic weather-predicting abilities of a groundhog. If the groundhog decides the weather looks good enough for a stroll, spring is here! If it takes one look and decides to sleep in, then winter stays for another four weeks. While of course this is a wildly inaccurate way to predict the seasons, it is a good excuse to stalk your local gopher, have a fun little company gathering, and watch one particular movie about being stuck in a time loop. Bonus points if you promote a Groundhog Day sale and rent a groundhog for the event. 

2. Work Naked Day

First Friday of February 

To be clear, this holiday is NOT about showing up streaking to work, absolutely do not do that. This holiday is a fairly recent creation of the author Lisa Kanare, and it’s about working from home in comfort. Again, not about being naked (though if you’re working from home and don’t have any videocalls….) For businesses, this is a great way to relieve stress by giving employees a day to get work done at home instead of dealing with commutes, conversation, and potentially, clothes. 

3. Feed the Birds Day

February 3 

This day is all about celebrating your local nature and giving back. As a business, you can take this day to educate your community on your local wildlife, make your own steps to help protect it, and even host a fundraiser or other event to encourage others to do the same. For craft and hobby stores, this is also a great day to promote bird baths, birdhouses, bird feeders, and other wildlife-supporting products. 

4. National Weathermans Day

February 5 

Celebrate the birthday of John Jeffries, thought to be one of America’s first weathermen and the first to collect data from a weather balloon over London. For businesses, this is a great time to throw a meteorology event where you watch your local weatherperson in-store with customers or employees, make your own attempts to guess the coming weather, and even set up a place where customers can come and play at being a weatherperson on a greenscreen or other backdrop. 

5. National Chopsticks Day

February 6 

This is the perfect excuse for Asian-inspired restaurants to push those fork-feeders into trying a new way to eat. Chopsticks can be tricky when you’re just starting out, which makes it all the more fun! Make this a social media holiday with a chopstick challenge, offering coupons or discounts to customers who upload their own attempts at using chopsticks onto your social media. You can also do a chopstick challenge at your restaurant, where customers can earn a discount for using chopsticks instead of forks. 

6. Send a Card to a Friend Day

February 7 

Want to sell some greeting cards that aren’t just cheesy Valentine’s Day cards? This day is here to brighten up February with an easy excuse to send cards to any friends or family people want to show their appreciation for. Promote displays of platonic love with your own special greeting card sale, or offer custom e-cards alongside a coupon that your customers can share with their friends. 

7. National Pizza Day

February 9 

This is a day to celebrate the king of foods, pizza. Whether or not you sell pizza at your own business, a pizza party is a great way to bring together coworkers, customers, or even just your local community. Most businesses can celebrate with some form of pizza party to bring people through the door, and pizza places can get creative with new and exciting toppings combinations, plus a “try the pineapple pizza” challenge to push traditionalists into trying something new. 

8. Make a Friend Day

February 11 

Feeling lonely this close to Valentine’s Day? Your customers probably are too. Host a speed-dating event where people look for new friends instead of partners. This is a great way to introduce customers to your business at the same time that you’re introducing them to each other, and it can help strengthen ties within your own community. 

9. Singles Awareness Day

February 15 

This day is all about those who spend the 14th binge-watching Pride and Prejudice and wishing for their own happily ever after. Push those singles off their couches with a special singles event hosted by your business. Perfect for bars and other entertainment venues, this day gives people permission to dine out and party on their own. 

10. National Chocolate Mint Day

February 19 

This sweet combination is the perfect thing to celebrate in the same month as Valentine’s Day. Give your customers their chocolate-y mint fix with special desserts, either as a tasty giveaway to get people through the door, or as a special menu item for restaurants and coffee shops. Get creative with how you explore this flavor combo, with drinks, pastries, candy, and more. Encourage customers to do the same and share the results on social media to drive up customer engagement with your brand! 

11. Love Your Pet Day

February 20 

Dogs and cats seem to get all of the holiday love, so this one goes out to all of the pets. Lizards, hamsters, your neighbor’s foul-mouthed parrot, and your cousin’s rescue squirrel are all getting the love in this fun holiday. Help your customers share the furry or scaly love of their life with a highlight reel of the cutest pets on your social media, plus special discounts for people who bring a picture of their pet to your business. This is also an excellent day for pet stores to host adoption days, discounts on pet supplies, and offer special grooming packages. 

12. International World Thinking Day

February 22 

This holiday is celebrated by Girl Scouts and other girl groups to learn about the health issues today, particularly in solidarity with girls and women around the world. To celebrate companies can take a moment to help bring awareness to various women’s issues, fundraise, donate to local girl groups, and even host educational events for girls to learn more about other girls around the world. 

13. No Brainer Day

February 27 

If you’re an over-thinker, this day is for you! Customers who spend too much time second guessing, worrying, and stressing can take this day to step back and relax. Encourage these customers to shake off their stressors with a day of fun, whether you’re offering activities, a big sale for impulse buys, or just a special discount that makes buying from you a “no-brainer.” 

14. National Tooth Fairy Day

February 28 

Whether or not you’re in the dental industry, today is a great day for marketing to kids. Host an event where kids can come meet the tooth fairy, offer special discounts for kids going to their first dental appointment, and help kids celebrate that big milestone of losing their first, second, or twenty-third baby tooth. 

15. Leap Day

February 29 

This special holiday comes once every four years, so make it count! Offer exclusive deals, host special events, and share on social media how you’re going to make this elusive day count. This is also a great day to encourage customers to take that final “leap” in their lives, whether that means taking a big risk, trying something new, or signing into a membership with your business. 

Didn’t find a holiday that suits you? These are just a few of the many funny February holidays that can inspire your next promotion. Next time you’re feeling at a loss for social media content or promotional themes, check out the silly holidays of the month to help get your customers engaged with your brand and social media. 

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