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10 Best Gifts for Gym Lovers

Whether your customers are hitting their runner’s high or feeling the burn for personal growth, you want your logo to be right there along their journey. But it isn’t always easy finding the perfect gift to deliver your message of support. Here are our best fitness giveaway ideas and gifts for gym lovers that they can use and cherish at any point in their gym-going journey. 

What to Buy Someone Who Loves to Work Out?

If your customers are absolute gym enthusiasts, you want to make sure that they have the best equipment to workout with. But essential gym equipment is more than just treadmills and weights. For example, are your customers staying hydrated, and are they using a water bottle they can be proud of? Custom water bottles make excellent gym gifts both for the health of your recipients, but as an upgrade to their overall gym-going experience. Need help finding water bottles for friends or private coaching clients? Check out these low-to-no minimum order water bottles! 

Another one of the best gifts for fitness lovers is something every gymgoer can’t work out without: a quality gym bag. Stylish and sturdy duffel bags help the more focused gym members bring their own personal workout equipment to and from the gym, as well as clean clothes and towels for after they’ve worked up a sweat. Custom duffel bags offer loads of carrying volume, a sturdy design, and a stylish place to show off your logo alongside your best workout fanatics. 

But for the serious gym regulars, you can do more than give the essentials. Our blog post on gym swag ideas is full of amazing, personalized workout gear, ranging from actual equipment to stylish workout clothes. These fitness gifts are perfect for hardcore gym members, yoga students, cycling subscribers, and more. 

What Do You Get Someone on a Fitness Journey?

Of course, everyone starts their fitness journey somewhere, and not everyone is fully converted to the gym life. Need the perfect fitness giveaway idea for someone early in the process? Whether they’re just dipping their toes into a new workout routine or climbing metaphorical mountains towards their fitness goals, custom towels are a great gift to help them feel fresh after a serious sweat session.  

You can also tailor your workout gifts to match their specific type of fitness journey. For example, if they’re starting out with your yoga studio, help them start out right with a high-quality yoga bag to carry their gear. Cooling towels are also an excellent gift for those who are early in their workout journey and may need extra help in keeping cool while pushing their physical limits. 

Of course, the very best gifts for fitness lovers of any level are ones that support health in and out of the gym. For gifts centered around a holistic workout, check out our previous post with fitness gifts for a healthier lifestyle

What Are Good Fitness Gifts for Employees?

Your customers aren’t the only ones who love a good workout. Exercise promotional items are a great way to show appreciation while making their gym visits special. Custom plastic water bottles make great gifts in this regard because they are convenient, stylish, and easy to buy in bulk for future employees and large groups.  

Water bottles make especially great gifts for employees because they don’t have to be gym enthusiasts to enjoy the gift–everyone needs to stay hydrated. With the right water bottle, employees will be showing off your logo with pride on their desks, at work stations, on the go, and alongside their own personal gym gear. Check out our previous blog post for ideas on the best gym water bottles to customize. 

Our Top 10 Gifts for Gym Lovers

Looking for some sweet swag to boost your gym membership numbers, or a thoughtful gift for your favorite gym-goers? Here are our top exercise promotional items to put you at the center of their workout. 

1. 24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle

Lightweight aluminum plus a stylish handle and flip-top spout make this custom bottle the easy choice for any gym-goers. 

2. Full Color Under Armour® Large Undeniable 5.0 Duffel Bag

With room to spare for shoes, clothes, gear, and snacks, this duffel bag is the ultimate gift for gym-goers that want to make the gym their home away from home. 

3. JanSport® Fifth Avenue Waist Pack

Did you know waist packs are the best for your back? Help your gym goers keep their essentials secure with the perfect bag that they’ll never have to put down. 

4. Damon Drawstring Backpack

For the gym goer who is always on the go, a lightweight drawstring bag is the perfect quick-to-grab bag for cycling, running, or just impromptu gym visits. 

5. Osprey Sportlite™ 20 Recycled Nylon Backpack

Designed for comfort and style, this compact backpack is made with materials that appeal to the more lifestyle-conscious consumer. 

6. 26 oz. Aspen Water Bottle with Carabiner

Don’t have hands to spare for carrying water when going to the gym? This water bottle features an attached carabiner that makes for a no-excuses hydration experience. 

7. Alpha Fitness Towel

Compact in design and perfect for quick wipe downs during and after a workout, a towel like this is an absolute essential for anyone breaking a sweat at the gym. 

8. Exercise Resistance Band

Who says exercise has to be complicated? A simple but stylish resistance band is a great way to give your customers a portable workout. 

9. Cooling Towel

Not just for staying dry, this towel helps your gym goers keep their cool through the toughest workouts! 

10. Yoga Fitness Tote Bag

offers space for all of your customers’ yoga essentials in one place. 

Whether you’re shopping for customers, employees, or for yourself (we won’t judge!) these gifts for gym lovers are half the fun of any workout! For more ideas on ways to share your brand, keep checking our blog for more suggestions on all sorts of industries. 

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