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Best Fitness Giveaways for Healthier Lifestyles

Whether you’re a company dedicated to improving the health of your customers, or you want to help your employees take on a better after-work lifestyle, fitness giveaways are a great way to wake up anyone’s inner athlete (or at least get us out of the house every now and again.) If you’re looking for a gift that will help get your recipients moving, look no further than this specially curated list of the best fitness giveaways a company can offer. 

Hydrate in Style With a Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When taking on an active lifestyle, it’s important to stay hydrated. Give your customers and employees a trendy stainless steel water bottle and they’ll be drinking hourly just to show it off! These water bottles are great to have on your desk, keep close at the gym, or carry along on a long hike. Thanks to the anti-leak screw-on chrome cap, you can carry this water bottle in your favorite bag or purse without fear of spilling.  

Drink On the Go With a Plastic Sports Water Bottle

Whether you want something lightweight to take on a run or need something priced for mass distribution, there are a lot of benefits to these trendy plastic water bottles! The handy straw and push-pull cap (hands-free operation if you use your teeth. Not recommended by dentists, but we’ve all done it) make this bottle ideal for drinking on the go. Available in eye-catching colors with a large imprint space, these bottles make for great fitness giveaway items no matter what your industry. You can find all sorts of promotional water bottle styles on our site, as well. 

Carry It All With a Sporty Duffel Bag

With all this sweet new fitness swag, customers will want something to put it all in! For pockets on pockets on pockets, this gym bag is perfect for keeping things organized while also carrying a lot. It’s even got a separate space to keep your shoes separate from the rest of your gear to keep that sweaty foot smell from spreading. Promotional duffel bags like these are a great fitness giveaway idea for gyms looking to sweeten the deal on their premium gym memberships. These will also improve customer loyalty because, let’s face it, who wants to go to the gym with a rival gym’s logo on your bag? 

Pack Light With a Drawstring Backpack

Need go to light for a run through the park or a bike ride around the neighborhood? Well, you definitely won’t be taking your duffel bag for that. Promotional drawstring backpacks like these are a great way to get your logo seen on the go while also giving your customers a convenient way to carry a water bottle and cooling towel to their next exercising adventure. 

Eat Fresh With an Insulated Lunch Bag

If you’re going to live right, you gotta eat right! Bringing your own lunch to work and daytime activities can help customers eat less fast food and eat more homemade food. This is especially good for employees, as eating fresh and healthy means a more fresh and productive mind and body throughout the workday. This particular lunch bag also features a name tag/card slot so employees can tell whose is whose in the office, and even note any food allergies. Show customers and employees your dedication to a whole fitness lifestyle with this snazzy fitness giveaway item.

Keep Cool With a Portable Cooling Towel

This isn’t any old towel; cooling towels are specially designed to use evaporation to keep you cool on a hot day. Anytime you’re going for a summer run or doing exercise in extreme heat, cooling towels are a must for fighting off heat stroke and getting through your workout. These are a great health and fitness promotional product for companies hosting outdoor activities, such as a fun run, or whose customers regularly work up a major sweat, such as gyms, spas, yoga studios, martial arts studios, and more. 

Stay Dry With a Soft Fitness Towel

Cooling towels are great, but everyone loves a large, soft towel to dry off after a heavy workout or an after-workout shower. This polyester towel can be used both for getting dry and for a full-body cooldown, just like a cooling towel. Towels like these are another great fitness giveaway idea for gyms and yoga studios who emphasize really working on your body and want to maximize their brand visibility among their members. If you’re interested in more gym-specific suggestions, check out our other blog on gym swag ideas

Stretch Out With a Sturdy and Stylish Exercise Band

Help customers bring their workout to the next level with these sturdy and colorful resistance bands! These bands help customers stretch and put pressure on specific muscles in ways they couldn’t do on their own. This is especially useful for physical therapy and yoga, where specific stretches are used to tone and heal the body. These bands are a great way for these types of companies to give a more intensive branding experience to customers who use their services. 

Get Outside With a Sleek Flying Disc

One of the best ways to get in shape and enjoy a healthier lifestyle is to go outside (gasp!) and have fun! A simple toy like this flying disc is a great way for customers to get out and have fun together in a way that gets their blood pumping and their muscles working while soaking up some essential vitamin D. This disc is particularly fun with its unique design meant to help it fly further and with more control than your standard throwing disc. This makes an excellent gift for employees and for sport-type companies whose business depends on customers enjoying quality time outdoors. You can also check out more of our sporting goods for other great fitness giveaway ideas. 

Make a Splash With a Poolside Fun Kit

Where’s the best place to work out your muscles? In the water! Swimming provides extra resistance against any movement, making it the ideal place to get some lean mean muscle. For companies that have an aquatic flair to their modus operandi, this handy poolside fun kit is the best fitness giveaway. Any businesses that are taking their employees anywhere near a beach should also make sure to include this in their vacation swag so everyone has some nifty company sunglasses and waterproof phone protector. 

A healthy lifestyle is about more than just exercising, it’s about finding ways to enjoy exercising. Encourage your recipients to embrace fitness as a lifestyle with the best fitness giveaways that make exercising both easier and engaging. Whether you’re planning a big giveaway or just need something small that everyone can take home, a little goes a long way when it comes to motivating customers and employees to stay fit and healthy.

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