19 Handwriting Fonts That’ll Set Your Business Apart

You’re a small business and you want to stand out. You want your unique character to shine through in your signage, website, brochures, promotional materials, and more. Did you know that handwritten fonts are an immediate way for you to differentiate yourself and connect with customers? For small businesses, handwriting fonts are a great way to make a first impression on your customers! Depending upon the font you pick, you can give a feel of personal attention, individual care, traditional service, fun and casual, modern, custom, and much more. Before they even read about your business, a font that looks like handwriting sets a unique tone.  

Why Use Handwriting Fonts For My Business?

Like showing up for a date in jeans and a t-shirt vs business casual attire, you can pick a handwriting font that enhances your brand in any direction you choose. Your writing font could say approachable, aspirational, old-fashioned, futuristic, light-hearted, dead serious, or anything in between. The common characteristic of handwritten fonts is that they make your brand more personal, and as fans of small business, we’re fans of the personal touch handwriting fonts can add to your business. So to celebrate National Handwriting Day this year, let’s find the handwriting font that fits your brand! 

How to Choose the Right Handwriting Font

Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person based on their handwriting? Similarly you can convey a lot about your business by the font you choose! To make your handwriting font match the unique brand personality of your business, first determine what you want your font to say about your business. Are you silly? Serious? Retro? 90’s kid? Once you know what personality you want to convey, take some time to look at how those characteristics can be reflected in handwriting, then pick the font to match! For example, are you a massage business? Choose something relaxed with long, lazy lines, un-rushed spacing, and a soft pseudo-serif that makes reading effortless. Examples of this would be the Quilline Script Thin or Alex Brush

Best Handwritten Fonts for Different Brands

Below we unpack, unzip, and unveil the best handwriting fonts for your small business. Enjoy! 

Free Fonts

Not looking to spend big for a fancy font? Luckily, the internet is packed with all sorts of fun and 100% free fonts you can use! Here are just a few examples to explore: 

Michelle Digital Handwritten

Casual without being sloppy, this free font looks like it came from that one friend who was born with impeccable handwriting.  

Permanent Marker

Did I just write this font on my kitchen labels? Perfect for organizing products and moving companies, this font perfectly captures that chisel-tip marker vibe. 

Jo Wrote a Love Song

Get your grunge on with this somewhat angsty font, last seen on the cover of your High School journal. Perfect for teen-centric companies or brands that carry a somewhat feisty undertone. 

#1 Ichiro Regular

Laid back, easy to read, with just a hint of elegance in the loopy j’s and g’s, this font perfectly captures that “tidy without even trying” look we all wish we had in our own handwriting. 

Scriptina Regular

Loops, curls and swirly tops galore, this font is fancy and free like a classic Disney movie. This font is perfect for greeting cards, sentimental branding, and brands with a touch of old-fashioned magic to them. 

Gravity Handwritten

Cursive meets casual in this effortlessly real style. If you’re looking for a free font to make your customer notes look genuinely handwritten, this font gives that personal touch!

A Yummy Apology

Cutesy swirls and tidy curls make this adorable font extra sweet. Ideal for brands looking to meet our inner child’s desire for something sweet and nostalgic. 

Princess Sofia

This non-conformist font refuses to sit on a straight line, yet carries its own elegance. Just like the name suggests, there’s something a little young and royal about this font, spunky and yet educated, like a little princess. 


Like the word-equivalent of wearing sandals to a meeting, these fonts are made for those moments that say “keeping it casual.” If you want more imperfect lines and less lacy loops, these fonts that look like handwriting are an easy win. 


Somewhere between business casual and casual-casual is this font, not quite fancy but still holding those hints of cursive for a touch of sophistication. 


Neat, tidy, but with enough curve to the letters to separate it from your typical sans-serif type font, this style is perfect for when you have more text that needs to be easily legible. 

Au Revoir

For that more personal yet casual touch, this style looks just like the notes you pencil into the margins of a book you want to reference later. 

Honey Butter

Thick and flowing like ink from a gel pen, this almost-cursive font is a great casual style for friendly notes and high-energy logos.

Old Style

Looking for the best handwriting fonts to invoke that old-world style? Embrace the cursive life with these tastefully twisted lines and effortlessly elegant loops. 


Like the man and the musical, this font invokes a sense of speedy sophistication, like a “young, scrappy, and hungry” colonial from the late 1700’s. 


A little more deliberate with no slant and a tidy cursive, this bold writing font is perfect for short-form text like the logo on a chocolate box, or a slogan on a coffee mug. 


Back in the day of notebooks and ballpoint pens, this is the speedy type of cursive you used to take notes with! Tight and fast with quick and narrow loops, this is a great font for signatures and short messages.  


You wish you could write like this! An extra loop here and a lacy twist there, and there’s something a little Jane Eyre about this font that many customers may like. 

And Really

Wild and full of wide loops, this fun twist on classic cursive really brings your text to life.  And really, who doesn’t love a fairy-tale style cursive font?

Parisian Vintage Calligraphy Script

A little more classic and subtle, this writing font has just that right amount of slant and swoosh that says “operating with style since 1888.” 


Cute and compact, this cursive font likes to embrace the curly life without wandering too far from the lines.  

How Can I Be Sure My Handwriting Font Is Legible?

Just like that note you dash off in seconds and can’t make out an hour later, or that birthday card from gramma that you *hope’s* addressed to you, handwriting is unique to each hand. It can be messy, sloppy, hard to read, or just plain headache-inducing. Once you’re chosen the handwritten font that suits your brand, be sure it’s easy to read by keeping these 3 design element in mind:  

Color: Don’t let your words fade into the background like a wallflower! Use contrast colors to ensure that every line pops from the page. For example, yellow on white is going to be a headache to read without some sort of dark lining to bring it out. Yellow on black or purple, however, will be easy to read up close or at a distance. 

Size: Unless your font is being used for an eye exam, you don’t want your words to be too small. Unless you’re trying to cram a lot of words into a small space (and avoid doing that anyway) err on the bigger side to ensure your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Text: Words matter, especially when you’re turning your words into art! The type of font you choose will heavily influence what words you want where on your design. For example, if your font has lots of loops, avoid putting too many l’s, h’s, d’s, and b’s close together where the loops will cluster together. Instead, choose words that will spread your loops out in a more decorative fashion that is attractive to look at. 

I Found the Perfect Font, Now I Want It On a Mug

Want to create your own customized merch with your new on-brand font? Just put your desired font into the comments section in our customizer when creating your promotional products order on With the right product and the perfect handwriting font, every customer can feel the personal touch from your brand. 

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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