Best Chocolate Gift Ideas to Show You Care

Looking for chocolate gift ideas? You’ve come to the right blog! Valentine’s Day is a great time of year to show customers and employees you care. And some say there is no more direct path to the heart than chocolate. Here we share the best branded chocolates to attach your small business to the warm feelings chocolate inspires. And take note: When it comes to branded chocolate gifts, there’s no need to wait for a holiday to see their eyes light up! 

Make It Special with Custom Logo Chocolates

When your customer opens an assorted chocolate gift box, part of the fun is that they never know what they’ll get. They might dig right in, or they might cut each chocolate in half to see if it’s a cream, a nut, or a cherry inside. They might share their second-favorite flavors with a colleague or roommate, whom as luck would have it, is a fan of milk chocolate where they only like dark. You can be sure that your customer, as well as the happy recipient of the extras, will remember the name on the box—yours!  

The Best Occasions for Branded Chocolates

Well, apart from any time, there are several great excuses to surprise a special someone with an indulgent chocolate gift. Here are a just a few occasions where chocolate is the perfect gift for customers, clients, employees, volunteers, or event attendees.  

  • Valentine’s Day and Other Holidays: Whether the gift comes from a partner, parent, kid, company, or bestie, a gift on Valentine’s Day says one thing to the recipient loud and clear: They matter! Surprise the customers who make your small business go round, with branded chocolates on the day of love, or another gift-giving holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas.
  • Employee Anniversaries: Tchotchkes are out of style and consumables are in! Don’t clutter up that desk with another pencil holder when you can give your employee the luxurious gift of chocolate that won’t clutter up their desk. You can even customize your branded chocolate gift with their anniversary year as well!
  • Client and Employee Appreciation: Also known as the “unexpected gift,” when you give a box of chocolates as a “just because” gesture, your recipients get a surprise that shows you value them all year round.
  • Special Events: Welcome event attendees and dinner guests with custom logo chocolates at their place setting. They can snack during the festivities or save the treat for the car ride home. However they indulge, your name is attached to the sweet treat.
  • Lobbies, Waiting Rooms, Points of Sale: When there’s a long line, a lot of paperwork, or a stressful appointment ahead, a custom logo chocolate is just the thing to set a relaxing tone.

Best Chocolate Gift Ideas

Put a smile on your recipient’s face (and some chocolate, too), with a chocolate-themed gift that goes the extra mile! A few of our favorites: 

Custom Hot Chocolate Bomb in Gift Box 

Custom Mrs. Fields® Hot Chocolate Bomb with Mug & Cookies 

Custom Rise & Shine Gift Set 

Custom Cookie & Coffee Gift Set 

Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bar 

Large Custom Wrapped Chocolate Bar 

Tip: Check out our complete collection of promotional candy and snacks. Here you’ll find snacks and treats that are sweet or savory, from popcorn to chocolate bombs to coffee bags, all customized with your branding.  

More on Branded Chocolate and Other Gifts on Valentine’s Day

If you’re surprising recipients on the Day of Love, check out the blog posts to ensure Cupid’s arrow hits the (marketing!) mark:  

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Branded Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate (especially dark) is associated with heart health and brain health. Chocolate in all its forms if known far and wide to deliver joy and comfort to the lucky recipient. So whatever chocolate gift you pick, you’re sure to share good will as you advertise your small business. Yum!  

Karleen Wise Andersen

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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