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5 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas That’ll Spread the Love with Customers

Is Valentine’s Day traditionally a romantic holiday? Sure (check out this blog to get the history). Does that mean you have to forgo it when interacting with customers? No, not if you do it correctly with good Valentine’s Day marketing ideas!

This means ditching those chalky conversation hearts emblazoned with “UR CUTE” and going with Valentine’s Day marketing that’s genuine and heartfelt. Customers can absolutely tell if you’re just using a holiday or gifting occasion to get them to buy something, so that’s why the genuine and heartfelt part is so key here.

Here are a few marketing ideas with heart (and maybe a few Valentine’s Day promotional items, too).

1. Pay It Forward & Watch It Spread

This Valentine’s Day marketing idea is truly about being a good human, and isn’t that where all good business starts? If you’ve ever been at a coffee shop and the person in front of you paid for your coffee and in turn you paid for the person behind you, then you know this concept. Random acts of kindness go a long way in the world and the same goes for business.

Maybe you randomly choose a customer to give a free gift or service. Maybe you wrap their order for free. Whatever you choose to do, it’s bound to have a ripple effect of love and there’s nothing better than that.

2. Give Handwritten Valentines

When was the last time you actually put pen to paper and let your customers know how much you appreciate them? Thanking them in a mass email is ok, telling them in person is better, and taking the time to handwrite a note is absolutely best.

This is a subtle Valentine’s Day marketing idea that is not about sell, sell, sell, but about giving thanks. While it may not mean you’ll be getting a sale immediately, we guarantee they’ll remember that note when they’re ready to buy.

When writing your valentines, get into specifics, like:

  • What their business means to you
  • How long they’ve been a customer
  • What service/product they love
  • Any personal tidbit you’ve learned over the year (ex: they have a sassy tabby cat, are into old movies or like to do Crossfit).

And because we take our own advice sometimes, we’re passing along these downloadable valentines to you, beloved reader. You’re totes our fave.

3. Sponsor a Community Valentine’s Day Event

Showing up for the community you serve is always a great idea, and especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day marketing. We’re not betting people, but we care to wager that it’s your goal to gain more customers and retain the ones you already have, and community involvement is one strong strategy to do both.

Check in with your local chamber of commerce to find out about any upcoming Valentine’s Day events. Maybe they’ll have a dance for seniors or a craft day with kids—ask how you and your employees can volunteer or donate supplies. Chances are, you’ll be able to include your business cards or branding somewhere so people will know who to thank.

4. Hand Out Valentine’s Day Promotional Items

If we’re talking about straight up, old fashioned Valentine’s Day marketing, then of course you need Valentine’s Day promotional items. Everyone loves a gift and this time of year is extra present-forward.

We’ve picked a few Valentine’s Day-themed promotional products below that we think you’ll <3. Go the extra mile and customize with a fun Valentine’s Day message.

Contour Pen

Spiral Flip Pad

Heart Magnet

5. Host a Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Social media is the spot to connect with your customers and followers. Learn more about them by hosting a Valentine’s Day giveaway—the idea is for them to share what loves looks like to them. Maybe it’s hiking with their partner, cuddling with their dog, or eating cheese in bed. The favorite entry gets a gift card to your company or a free product. A sweet Valentine’s Day marketing idea that’ll bring everyone a bit closer together.

Speaking of social media, we’d love to hear about your Valentine’s Day marketing on Facebook and Instagram!

Catherine O.

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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