Taxes Are Personal. Promoting Your Tax Business Should Be Too.

To tackle tax preparation marketing ideas, let’s back up a sec and take a peek behind all the receipts, spreadsheets, filings, and forms that we typically associate with tax prep. And what do we find, you ask? We find you and your clients talking sports, school plays, and Sunday brunch. This connection with your client is your key advantage.

When you’re advertising tax services among new and existing clients, it pays to keep in mind the personal nature of the relationship. After all, your clients trust you with their most confidential information. Stuff they wouldn’t tell their best friend. Maybe not even their mom. Financial matters are sensitive. And you’re privy to and trusted with all of it.

When it comes to tax preparation marketing ideas, this is an important area to leverage. Your work is as much about trust as it is about taxes, as much about communication as it is about calculation. Given that tax accounting is at its core a business of relationships, promotional items aimed at marketing for a tax preparation business should focus on the relationships as much as the numbers, the warm and fuzzy as much as the 1040!

To get the creative juices flowing around tax preparation marketing ideas, a few suggestions follow. Some tend toward the warm and fuzzy, and some toward the bottom line. Maybe you bundle one of each for a complete package that retains current clients and wins new ones as well. Check out these 14 go-to giveaways that will be welcome by any client and reinforce a long-term relationship year over year:

  1. Celebrate end of tax season with a gift that’s sure to make every client feel loved: 8 Piece Truffle Box w/ Chocolate Centerpiece.
  2. Stay top-of-mind off-season and on with these 3×3 Adhesive Die-Cut Notepads, Thumbs Up.
  3. Share pre-tax desktop fun with this Relax Pre-Recorded Talking Stress© Reliever.
  4. After-tax desktop fun starts here: Feel Great Pre-Recorded Talking Stress© Reliever.
  5. You’ve helped them through the deluge of tax prep stress. Now get them prepared for spring showers with this innovative no-drip umbrella: Compact Inversion Umbrella
  6. If it goes on the fridge or filing cabinet you’re top of mind all year long: Business Card Magnet.
  7. If your clients appreciate your approachable side, give them something hand-made to reinforce the vibe: Hand-Dipped Mug.
  8. They’ll think of you fondly every December – just before tax-prep time, with this Shatter-Proof, USA-Made Ornament.
  9. Don’t send their tax returns without giving them every chance to advertise your awesome brand everywhere they go: District Made Ladies Perfect Tri 3/4-Sleeve Raglan and District Made Men’s Perfect Tri 3/4-Sleeve Raglan.
  10. Organizer bags remind your clients you’re their tax prep partner every time they save a receipt: Document Organizer with Snap Closure.
  11. If in doubt, always offer cookies: The Executive Cookie Box.
  12. Because there’s no need to deny your compulsive side when it comes to tax accounting: Spinning Fun Fidget Cube.
  13. Here’s to some year-round branding – and this one does involve money: Dual Pocket Slim Silicone Phone Wallet.
  14. Every time they highlight a receipt they’ll think of you: Custom 4 Color Mr. Highlighter with Computer Sweeper.

And for giveaways with more imprint space, how about including a little accounting joke? Like:

  • “Be audit you can be.”
  • Or how about this one: “Where do homeless accountants live? In a tax shelter.”
  • Okay, just one more: “CPA’s best pickup line: Wow, you have a nice pair of W2s.”

Your tax preparation marketing ideas can go down the traditional route as well. For more 1040-themed promotional giveaways, check out our Tax & Accounting Promotional Items page.

Offer a branded gift during a face-to-face client meeting or deliver it by mail. Leaving your clients with a reminder of your service – and your personal side – sets you up for long-term client relationships and recurring revenue. When advertising tax services with a promotional giveaway, pick your favorite product, imprint your logo, a slogan or other messaging, and get ready for year-round tax prep promotion with a personal touch!

Karleen A.

I’m a copywriter who likes custom giveaways of all kinds, from pens to travel mugs, tumblers to totes. Fun for me is helping promote YOUR awesome brand!

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Karleen A.

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