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Wrapping Up Sales and Gifts: Why and How to Offer Complementary Gift Wrapping

What’s the first thing a customer sees when they get a gift? Is it the quality of the product? Is it the design? No, it’s the wrapping. How a product is packaged and presented makes a huge impact on your customers long before your products do. If you want to give your products the hype they deserve, here are some tips on how and why to offer complementary gift wrapping. 

Why Offer Complementary Gift Wrapping

When you offer free gift wrapping services online or in-store, you’re enhancing your customer experience. This is good for both your customers and your business, including these benefits: 

  • Better first impressions: First impressions are essential with new customers, and gift wrapping offers you the chance to make your first impression a stunning one. A glossy exterior or a shiny bow can make a huge difference in how customers perceive your products.
  • Customer convenience = customer satisfaction: Customers love a time saver, especially when it makes them look good to people they’re giving gifts to. If you deliver your products thoughtfully packaged, customers are satisfied knowing they’ll look as good as your packaging.
  • Competitive edge: Offering free gift wrapping can give your business that extra appeal above other businesses. Plus, with more and more businesses offering free wrapping in store and online, it’s important to maintain that level of service to stay on the same level.
  • Better holiday marketing: During the holiday rush where customers are looking for the best deals for gifts, free gift wrapping can seal the deal for a lot of busy individuals.

Different Ways to Present Gifts

Whether you want to offer the traditional shiny paper and ribbons or need more creative gift wrapping ideas to meet the customer demand, there are lots of ways to display your products in a giftable fashion. Here are three of the most common and effective ways you can offer gift-ready products both in-store and online. 

  • Wrapping services: Probably the toughest to offer, gift wrapping services that include wrapping paper and decorative bows are typically offered in-store for pickup orders, or shipped by small vendors. Larger companies struggle to offer this service due to the cost and logistics of wrapping individual packages, which gives the smaller companies an edge when it comes to truly personalizing gifts.
  • Decorative packaging: Whether you deliver or fulfill orders online, companies with large order numbers will find it much more cost effective and efficient to make the product packaging decorative on its own. This way, customers still benefit from giftable presentation and businesses make a great first impression on every customer.
  • Branded gift bags: Another way to offer efficient and high quality presentation is branded gift bags. Especially popular for in-store transactions, gift bags turn every purchase into a gift to your customer while keeping your branding visible and decoratively displayed.

Did you know that many of our gift sets and products come with decorative display boxes? We know how important first impressions are to your business and use decorative packaging to ensure your gifts are well received. You can see more of our time-saving package decorating solutions in our other blog post featuring promotional packaging ideas

Tips to Make Your Wrapping Experience a Success

Whether you’re offering free wrapping or decorative packaging, it’s important to fully commit to your customer experience. Here are a few additional personal touches you can give to your packaging to make real customer connections with every gift. 

  • Thank-you messaging: A small note thanking customers for their purchase is a great way to add a more personal touch to your packaging. Make sure to keep it thoughtful, but brief, for the most impactful message.
  • Keep designs relevant and fresh: Even if your going the route of decorative packaging, you don’t want to just keep using the same design over and over. Customize your designs to match holidays, special occasions, and more so customers really feel that there was thought and effort put into their gifting experience.
  • Keep it clean and elegant: One of the most alluring parts of gift wrapping is the sense of luxury that comes with it. However you design your packaging, make sure that it fully contains the product and offers a flattering display when opened.
  • Don’t overcomplicate: While it may be tempting to add three ribbons, a fancy card, and bouquet of tissue paper with every gift, this simply isn’t going to be feasible for every business. Opt for simple and elegant solutions that fit within the means of your existing business structure.

Gift Bags and Boxes

If you’re looking for an easy way to pre-wrap your gifts while showing off your branding, has all kinds of great packaging and gifting solutions to help you present at your best. Here are some of our most popular gift bags and boxes that you can customize for your products (or even for other branded giveaways!) 

Full Color Inkjet Black Craft Gift Box

Matte black with bursts of color from your custom logo, this gift box offers a crisp, clean presentation of your products. Inside, you can present a pair of pens, flashlights, or other similar products with a ribbon-finished elastic to hold them snugly in place. Ready to present? You can head to our site and pick out promotional pens and flashlights to put in this box, or add your own products. 

Crystal Gloss Eurotote

Skip the Scotch tape and paper folding and display your products in a glossy bag that fits all sorts of purchase types. One of our more popular styles, these elegant bags are perfect for high end gifts and showing off your brand. Keep these at the register to turn any purchase into a gift! 

Non Woven Single Wine Bottle Bag

If you’ve got quality drinks to sell, there’s no better way to present them than in their own custom branded wine bottle bag. Tall, elegant, and easy to carry, these bags double as gift packaging and portable branding. Show your bottles at their best with sleek packaging any customer will be impressed with. 

Mini Eco Shopper Bag

Made from 100% recycled paper, this bag is a gift to the planet as much as to your customers. Perfect for health food stores, flower shops, bakeries, and more, these mini shoppers offer a more natural way to share your brand and your products. 

Looking for ways to cut down on wrapping time for your own company gifting? Check out our other blog post all about how to wrap and present corporate gifts

When impressing new and existing customers, that first interaction with your branding has a huge impact on customer attitude. Make sure your first impression is an amazing impression, whether you have complementary gift wrapping or decorative packaging. 

Katie Yelisetti

From marketing tips to product recommendations, I’m here to help small businesses be their best.

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