Trending Water Bottles: Most Popular Types of Water Bottles Right Now

Looking for the very coolest water bottle to promote your brand? Good idea and here’s why: If you walk through any office or school you’re sure to see a sea of various types of water bottles in all different shapes and sizes. Same at the gym or sporting events. No successful outdoor activity is without different types of water bottles at the ready. The fact is, everything goes smoother with a water bottle on hand. What’s more, trending water bottles ensure we look good sipping. Add your logo to the perfect type of water bottle for your budget and recipient and get your brand behind the next reusable water bottle trend.        

But first: Bottles with handles, bottles with bamboo trim, plastic bottles, glass bottlse, sports bottles…. How the heck do I know if I’ve got a trending water bottle in my hand, anyway? Good gravy, let’s discuss! 

What Are the Key Features of a Water Bottle?

At their core, water bottles are designed to make hydration easy. Unlike other drinkware like stadium cups, wine glasses, or coffee mugs, features of a water bottle always include a closed lid. Many feature and a simple design that makes it easy to carry in a cup holder or bag. Others, like the Basecamp® Tundra Growler – 64 oz for example, are impressively large and meant to hold enough water for a full day and keep it icy cold, as well. There’s a different type of water bottle for every use, style, and budget. Some common characteristics include:  

  • Water Bottles with Handles: Most water bottles are designed to be easy to carry on the go. Reusable water bottle trends include handles on the top that can be fixed or swiveled, hard or soft plastic , stainless steel or aluminum. Some, like the Collins water bottle, include a nylon carrying handle for storing on a hook or attaching to a carabiner.
  • Water Bottles with Carabiners: A popular trend is a water bottle lid that comes with a finger hold as well as a carabiner like this Wide Mouth Flair Bottle – 25 oz . The carabiner makes it easy to attach the bottle to a backpack, waste pack, or climbing harness.
  • Water Bottles for Sports: Popular water bottles among the sporty set are designed to make hydrating easy even when riding a bike or sipping single-handed. Some, especially soccer, sports, and bike bottles, are made of squeezable plastic and a push-pull drink hole on the lid that allows active drinkers to squirt water with one hand without removing the lid.
  • Sturdy Plastic Water Bottles: The ongoing reusable water bottle trend has resulted in water bottles made of extremely durable Tritan™ plastic, which can withstand all types of activity without breaking or cracking, and won’t retain odors or flavors. Unlike squeezable plastic, these bottles are firm and often include a built-in straw for easy sipping.
  • Glass Water Bottles: Water bottles made of glass, especially borosilicate and soda-lime glass, combine the strength and natural look of industrial strength glass that won’t retain odors or flavors. Many glass water bottles come with a protective silicone sleeve which provides a great imprint space for your logo, event, or other messaging.
  • Aluminum Water Bottles: Lightweight and budget-friendly, aluminum water bottles are a type of water bottle that often feature modern metallic or matte colors. You’ll frequently see a built-in straw or a screw-top lid with finger hold for quick sips while biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bottles: When ice cold water is top priority, the top trending water bottle is always stainless steel. Though heavier than other styles, a double-wall, vacuum-insulated, stainless steel water bottle can’t be beat for temperature control. For even longer insulation, add copper lining.
  • Collapsible Water Bottles: For camping and hiking, a popular reusable water bottle trend is a collapsible water bottle that can be carried in a pocket or attached with a carabiner to a belt loop.
  • Natural Trim Water Bottles: Many different types of water bottles that are in style today include detail and trim made of natural materials like bamboo or wood.

Why Are Reusable Water Bottles So Popular?

Here are just a few facts behind the ongoing reusable water bottle trends:  

  • Humans Need Water: According to the Mayo Clinic1, men need about 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day and women need about 11.5 cups (2.7 liters). That’s between 92 and 124 ounces. In order to hit those marks it’s best to sip a bit throughout the day. Water helps:
    • Get rid of waste and toxins
    • Keeps body temperature optimal
    • Lubricates and cushions joints
    • Protects tissues
    • Prevents dehydration which can drain energy and cause fatigue
  • Earth Does Not Need Single-Use Plastic: Single-use plastic is on the way out, and getting ahead of that curve with reusable water bottles is good news for the planet, your customers, and your brand.
    • Single-use plastic water bottles pollute streets, oceans, and rivers, harm marine life, fill landfills, and poison air when they’re burned in incinerators. We do what we can do recycle single use water bottles into all kinds of materials using RPET, which is a great step forward, but avoiding single-use altogether is even better.
    • According to Beyond Plastics2, a recent study found that microplastics contamination in single-use bottled water samples was at levels two times higher than in tap water samples in 93% of the water sampled. When we drink single-use bottled water we are ingesting roughly five grams (the weight of a credit card) of plastic each week, and the effects on our health are not yet known (but we can take a good guess that they’re not good!).

What Are the Top Trending Water Bottles?

Today, drinkware is a fashion accessory and reusable water bottle trends grab attention and keep customers wanting the latest type of water bottle to keep on hand at work, school, sports, and during leisure activities. Add your custom imprint to the hottest water bottles and keep your name visible in every crowd. These are best bets for leveraging the reusable water bottle trend toward better branding: 

26 oz. Iva Stainless Steel Water Bottle: The “little black dress” of water bottles. If Coco Chanel were to carry a water bottle, we think it would be this one. Streamlined, understated, and sleek, this water bottle commands attention for its sophisticated subtlety. But lest we focus too much on its timeless look, let’s take a look at its construction. Its single-wall stainless steel design makes it lightweight yet sturdy, while the leakproof cap means no messes no matter what. From Sunday hikes to conference room brainstorms, this one keeps every recipient flush with water and facing your brand all day.   

Surf Bottle – 20 oz. – Promotional Sports Bottle – Push/Pull Cap: Put your promotional dollars where they’ll get maximum return with this plastic sports bottle that begs to be taken to the gym, yoga studio, on bike rides and fun runs. The push-pull lid allows one-handed hydration and the translucent bottle colors add sporty style to the bottle sporting your logo. Indented grip areas ensure a firm hold and fit into bike water bottle cages, too. This water bottle is a functional and affordable way to welcome new students, employees, volunteers, and team players while making sure your brand’s in on the action every time.  

24 oz. Aluminum Posy Water Bottle: A techy look that cutting edge brands and active clients will love. The screw-top lid includes a grab-and-go handle and a built-in straw. Great for sports, gym, and school, this water bottle allows spill-free sipping and a straw that prevents beach sand or campground dirt from ruining your beverage.  

Full Color 17 oz. Stainless Nyla Water Bottle: Bamboo is the “in” trim for trendy water bottles and this one adds stainless steel and a matching swivel handle for a stylish water bottle they’ll carry everywhere. 

Full Color 40 oz. Kai Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Leakproof lid, large capacity, and a contemporary powder-coated finish make this one a winner among serious water fans. 

17 oz. Firth Stainless Steel Vacuum-Insulated Bottle: With a matte finish and double-walled insulation, this trendy water bottle is always in style for gym goers who want to look great drinking ice cold water. 

Before You Grab Your Trendy Water Bottle and Go….

If the latest in reusable water bottle trends has got you thinking about other drinkware that deserves your logo, check out these resources: 


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